How do angels call God?

Not so much information about that, but this is what I have got so far.

Book of Three Souls tells that angels call God Kados and Adonay Sabaoth. Most High and Eternal and One Living Eternal appear in the Cathar text The Vision of Isaiah, which tells that this is how the angels call God.

The most significant source about this subject so far I know is from John Dee’s diaries.

Pele is significant in Enochian magic. The angel Michael provided John Dee the design for the ring to and offered him a clue: “Wonders are in him and his name is wonderful”.

Archangel Gabriel, according to John Dee diaries, called God Eternal God of Mercy, God of Justice, Eternal God of Peace and Comfort and Eternal God of Salvation. God of Wisdom was mentioned by the Angel Nalvage.

It is also Jealous God. John Dee’s writes in his diaries those Archangel Gabriel’s words about Jealous God: “ Lo, I am your friend: nay, rather your father, and more than that, your God: which delighteth in you, rejoiceth in you, and loveth you with that affection [Jealousie] which is more than love.”

Just God was mentioned by the angel I. L, again from Dee’s diary.

By a quick look, it seems like that a favorite way for angels to call God is by the attribute Eternal.

Additional information from Merkavah tradition.

Suryal, Gabriel, Michael, Raphael and Uriel address to God as God of Gods as it appears in Enoch 1, in Ma’ash Merkabah and in Merkavah Rabba.

According to Enoch I, those 5 angels also address to God as King, King of Kings, Lord of Lords.

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