Kirek (9° Virgo) – The Earth Zone – Immortality

Astral immortality and physical invulnerability

Once upon a time, a little child, whom nobody had ever seen, suddenly appeared in front of a few sages who had been engaged in some deep discussions about the future of the world, and started crying. They asked him where he came from and tried to calm him down, but to no avail. Still crying, the little boy told them that it was not important where he came from, but that his knowledge of the birds speech was excellent and that he had heard them talking about the death of a seagull near the Lake of Immortals, close to the border of the Midgard Woods. The seagull had been reportedly flapping his winds joyfully, but suddenly stopped flying and fell down to the ground. The sages did not really believe the boy, but as they knew that the first death was supposed to happen one day, they followed him to the lake. They knew that at the moment a first creature would die, the death would then spread fast to all other beings. As this happened in other spheres, so that it would also happen in the Earth too. If it were true what the boy was talking about, it would also have meant that the Earth had just fallen from its most glorious cosmic position to some much lower point.

Unfortunately, the boy was right, so the sages indeed found the dead body of the seagull by the lake and buried it there. Even today there is the seagull’s gravestone in which it is written: “In the memory of the first death”. The sages fell down on their knees asking Adonai for help and directions. Adonai informed them the Earth had just fallen from the cosmic crown down below the Moon, below the foundation, and that now in the sum of all numbers, it had the lowest number 10. The sages had known that the apocalypse had to happen one day, but they had never expected that it would be so dramatic and terrifying. They immediately chose the boy for their head and called him Kirek. Maybe because they were first to witness the death, they also became the most important teachers of immortality on the Earth of all time.

Kirek still looks like a ten-year old boy. Kirek is a brilliant sage, healer and warrior. He is also one of the main teachers of the mummial magic, immortality and eternity. Once he invited me to his region where he gave me special instructions how to strengthen my spirit, soul and body. Kirek told me that some very advanced spirits also happened to get sick, albeit very rarely, as they practically are invulnerable, immortal and eternal. Spirits who strive for immortality attend Kirek’s schools. They are also open to people from our world, but Kirek complains that nowadays he can count them with fingers in one hand. This spirit can teach you how to obtain astral immortality, after which you will be able to live as long as you want as a free spirit wherever you want in the Universe. Thereafter the only way for you to “die” would be through margining with Divine light.

Kirek teaches about astral immortality. Soul also dies, but then what remains is spirit. And the spirit is free and it can do whatever it likes. The spirit can create and decompose its own astral bodies by its own will. But the spirit itself is immortal. The astral body is not immortal. Many spirits do not have permanent astral bodies. So when they rich the Sun, they are there in their temporal solar astral body and while they are on the Moon, then they are there in their temporal lunar body. However, some spirits managed to become astrally immortal in which case their astral bodies are permanent, so that they can appear on the Sun or the Moon with their permanent astral bodies.

Kirik also used to teach the magicians about the immortality of their physical bodies. Kirek himself and all of his students have also permanent and immortal physical bodies. So, if they decide to do that, they may easily appear in front of you in their full physical manifestations looking exactly like people from our world’s reality.

The magicians can also be taught by Kirek how to protect themselves with Adonai as one of the most powerful God’s names. “After all”, he said, “It was us who called him first by the Lake of Immortals. Adonai as the Divine name banishes all evils but you should utter it with the sword in your hand. If you have no sword, act with your hands as if you had one”.

The most probable problem with Kirek is that he teaches some of the most advanced steps in magic, so only the most advanced individuals from our world may also have practical results from his teachings and consequently become immortal.


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