Odorom (21-30° Pisces) from Mars


Odorom is the last genius of the Mars Zone mentioned by Franz Bardon.
I thought it would be good to evoke him because I wanted to hear his explanation about this actual war.
However, Odorom turned out not to like to talk about politics. He was more willing to tell me something about my own enemies, not really actual, but the previous ones from my past lives.
It looks like that I was a soldier in many of my previous lives. I knew that before, but now Odorom confirms that. Some of those soldiers that I killed and also others who killed me in those previous lives are still somewhere out there, they can be in the astral world, or here in this world, but the point is that we are still enemies.
If nothing else, we keep ourselves busy casting curses on each other, even though we most of the time have absolutely no idea who each of us are. This could be one of the worst curses of a war.
Odorom gave me a method how I could see through some hidden portals who my previous mortal enemies were and interestingly enough they would then also recognize me. That could be a great opportunity for us to make peace with each other. This is at least what Odorom was saying to me.
The war is more terrible than we think it already is, because it does not stop once it is over nor even if we get killed. You cannot really say, what is worse, to get killed or to kill, because it all effects several other next lives, with repeated mistakes, enemies, regrets, etc. An evil circle that never stops.
I wanted to hear something about Ukraine and Russia from Odorom, but this time I received nothing about that.
What I received is what I told you, but there is so much more from Odorom to be learned.
Because of this war, energies from Mars are really very strong, and it is now much easier to evoke the genii from Mars than it was before.
Mars is very clear. A full of electric energy. It is easy to understand its messages.
Experiences with Mars’ spirits can be tough, but they are really friendly. At least to me. I can hardly complain.
The best day for evocation is of course Tuesday, but you can choose any other day with Mars magical hours. If you are a true expert, then you can try to evoke whenever you like.
But even then, do not play without the circle.
There is no sigil in Bardon’s books, but you can create it by yourself using simple methods from GD Rosy Cross. It is not perfect at all, but the spirit will pay attention to your efforts and tell you what it is more appropriate to use the next time.
Triangle should of course be impregnated with red colors and Martial symbols, plants and stones.

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