Silver – The Great Spirit of Silver

The Great Spirit of Silver

Nagar is a great teachers of metals. Among other things, he teaches the magician how to communicate and cultivate relations with metals. But what does it mean and how is this even possible?

It is possible if you focus on the essence of the metal. If you are familiar with Bardon’s exercises, you should have opportunity to learn how to transfer your consciousness into any object.

If you do it, what you will find inside is its main essence, what makes it what it is.

In the case of metals, you will have opportunity to meet their main spirits.

So, this is what you may expect with Silver.

Meditate next to a silver object you have at your home and then sleep with a piece of silver in your hand. Choose Monday for this kind of meditation. Silver is depicted in alchemical symbols as the Waxing or Waning Moon.

The Main Spirit of Silver is reminiscent of the Magician from Tarot. He has a black or silver robe. He wears a cross around his neck, like the one used in the German army from 1878 to 1918. He also has a big sword. He puts that sword first on his right and then on his left shoulder. Then he raises it above his head and utters some magic words. He also carries a silver cup, a silver pentacle and a silver wand.

The Main Spirit of Silver will give you a staff, a sword, a cup and a pentacle, but not all of them at the same time. You need to be devoted. After at least a few weeks of practices, you might be able to receive them all.

When you collect all of his magical tools, this will also mean that you will receive the greatest mysteries of silver in relation to the elements of fire, air, water and earth. In alchemy and magic, there is the silver of water, the silver of air, the silver of fire and the silver of earth. It takes deeper and longer work with this spirit in order to penetrate its deeper mysteries.

You can get from him as a gift an astral, very nicely decorated, narrow silver sword. Keep it in a suitable place and don’t forget where you left it in your astral temple. If you need to use it, go back for it. This sword can help you intellectually. It can also help you repel the attack of evil spirits, especially those coming from the Moon. Drive them away in the name of Shaddai El Chai and that sword. Silver has excellent defensive potentials against all negative forces. For this reason, it is often used for amulets and talismans. It will be your responsibility from then on to find a similar sword in this reality as well. Years may pass for that, but the magician is never in a hurry. When the Great Spirit of Silver presents you with this sword, he might appear as a king or a knight in medieval clothes. You might spot in the area of his chest, a light that shines in the shape of a larger leaf, as another symbol corresponding to the air element.

If he gives you a cup, it will attract the most beautiful and comfortable influences of the Moon. If you already have your own silver cup, put it next to you during meditation. The great spirit of silver will fill it with its energy. After that event, you can expect to have extremely beautiful and deep dreams that resonate with the positive influence of the Moon, such as love, peace, harmony, intuition, beauty, fertility, sensuality, happiness, clairvoyance and the like. Silver also removes hatred, resentment, hysteria, lunatic outbursts, quarrels and barrenness. Fill that cup with holy water, if you have it on your altar. If you do not have it, fill it with plain water, which will then become holy overnight. This cup will get healing properties. In ancient time, silver nitrate was used for the treatment of severe burns and infections. Modern medicine has proven the antiseptic effect of silver on a wide range of microbial pathogens.

If he gives you a pentacle, he will bring you gifts of the Moon which are associated with happiness. In that case, you can, for example, expect some extremely favorable financial news. Although the silver is considered a soft metal in physics, it really is not that soft. The Great Spirit of Silver can show you this through different visions. For example, through the vision of a hippopotamus trying to bite a silver ball with its large sharp teeth without success. The Great Spirit of Silver comments on this that silver is an impenetrable metal and that nothing can harm it. In other visions, this earthly aspect of silver, which symbolizes the pentacle, appears as a sphere. In that sense, the Great Spirit of Silver may appear to you as a king with a silver crown on his head playing with a ball in his hands. The ball floats slowly from hand to hand. At one point it would start moving towards you. As it enlarges, it becomes more transparent and slowly disappears from view. This ball is usually silver, but it can also be purple, because purple is also often shown as the color of the Moon.

When he gives you a wand, the Great Spirit of Silver will open the possibility of evoking the highest deities of the Moon, such as the god Thoth or the goddess Diana or Hecate. With this wand, you will more easily summon the 28 angels of the Moon Mansions. The Egyptians believed that their Moon gods had silver bones. They used silver in their magical rituals. Their scarabs and rings were mostly silver. The Incas said the tears were made of silver. The European Milky Way is China’s Silver Way. For many sorcerers and witches, silver is their favorite metal.

With these four magical silver tools, you will in any case become a man or woman worthy of respect of the archangel Gabriel, the gods and goddesses of the Moon, as well as all other great lunar spirits.

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