Welcome Friends

Welcome to my adventure into creation

This site is about capturing my writing, my art and my books all in one place.

I will provide articles that are posted here that will further expound on information provided in my four volume series: 360 Heads of the Earth Zone and my book that I co-authored with Kadiliya Aili. My publisher and I will keep this site up to date and respond to any enquiries.

This work presented here is to inspire you to begin your own journey.

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Where to Start?

1. How can I start my own journey?

Read the books of Franz Bardon, decide if this is the path you wish to follow and get started. Figure out the details on the way. Most importantly, be kind.

2. Where can I buy your books?

We have a link in the menu to the available books. Alternatively search the book title on Amazon and you should find it there.

3. Do I need to do Initiation into Hermetics (IIH) before I start Evoking?

You need to have the skills that IIH imparts. Whether it comes from IIH or other sources is less important.

4. Is this stuff really true?

A valid question, the only way to find out is to do the training and follow in the footsteps other magicians.