10 Steps to Divine Providence and God’s hand somewhere in the Middle

Steps to Divine Providence

So, there are 10 steps to Divine Providence, but the saying goes, if you make a halfway, God will give you his hand to pull you through the other half.

Where does God’s hand appear? Many would say on the Sun.

However, it does not need to be on the Sun.

Bardon’s cosmology helps a lot with understanding about this topic.

The Moon, Sun, Mercury and Venus have special connections to some faraway stars and galaxies. So, when you made at least several successful evocations of spirits from one of those planets and made satisfactory progress in your planetary research, a related spirit will open up gates for you towards some other planets and stars which are very far from us but are closer to God.

In the case of the Moon, this would mean that you would be able to go directly from the Second to Eight Step to Divine Providence. The 28 Moon Mansions are directly linked to related galaxies which are beyond Saturn’s influences. For example, the First Mansion of the Moon is bordering the Earth Zone, but it is also linked to Alnath (the Horns of Aries).

In the case of Mercury, you would be able to go directly from the Third to the last Tenth Step to Divine Providence. The 72 Shem angels are linked to their quantity keys or God’s names. Thus, the first Shem angel Vehuiah is directly linked to God’s names YHVH, Eschereye, H, Ha Theos and Power.

Like for the Moon, the Sun also directly leads to the Ninth Step to Divine Providence. Thanks to Emil Steijner’s chypher, we know for example, that the first intelligence from the Sun Emnasut is directly linked to the star Algenib, which means an opportunity for direct passage from the Fifth to the Ninth Step to Divine Providence. Besides, the Sun, thanks to Metatron, also leads to Kether, which is in the last Tenth Step to Divine Providence. Bardon pointed out that Metatron is the governor of the Sun Zone, but he is also the governor of Kether. Metatron is an archangel of human origin, so he is very helpful specifically to us humans on our way back to where we came from.

The 90 spirits from Venus discover secrets which are on the Fourth Step to Divine Providence but are also linked to Venus-like planets from faraway star systems that are in the Ninth Step to Divine Providence.

For example, the 72nd genius from the Venus Zone Gercha has direct links to the star system H8GC which occupies the Ninth Step to Divine Providence.

Gercha and some other Venusians have ability to know in advance about all of your planetary evocations and advances through the Tree of Life. Before you go for a more systematic exploration of cosmos and step onto some further steps to Divine Providence, they will introduce you to a few spirits of the Sun Zone and Mars Zone, and also explain you what you might expect and experience there in the near future. Later, Venusians will also introduce you to a few genii from faraway planets and stars. Some of them might feel very familiar. You will know that you know them from somewhere, but also that it is still not the right time for you to be with them.

Some of those stars have not been yet observed from our world’s reality, though their representatives are frequent guests on Venus. For instance, Venus’ astronomers closely cooperate with scientists from the star system H8GC which is located between Pleiades and the Earth. They create songs and melodies that help travelers go between these two cosmic locations. Music sounds like whales’ singing. They create music by passing a ball of energy to each other. It is interesting and looks simple, but it is certainly more complex than that.

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