Politicians and magic

Who are politicians?

I have actually no desire at this moment to write about my personal opinion about politicians now and I would be very happy if I could say that from the Magical point of view, this incredibly parasitic, egoistic and self-important class of people should not exist at all, but for better or worse, I cannot say that because they do have their very important role and mission.

As we have seen in history, whomever we vote for and whatever our ideals might have been, at the end, the power always go to just a very few people whom we call politicians.

So, the destiny of the whole mankind is currently in the hands of a few people who at this moment has decided not to start WWIII over Syria, but might change their mind in two weeks over the same or any other country. So today we are drinking coffee and chat on FB, but maybe next month we will be in atomic shelters or fighting each other to death because we let politicians do absolutely whatever they want and rule over our own destinies.

That is the situation, but let’s see how we can change it?

Peresch, a head of the Earth Zone, has the mission to control all political events. He is the most important guardian and supervisor of all politicians around the Earth Zone, including those from our world’s reality. Some spirits who are about to be born in our world are meant to become very important political figures and Peresch’s mission is to prepare them for their future tasks. In this regard he is very similar to Urgivoh (17° Gemini). Future politicians before their births typically go either through Peresch’s or Urgivoh’s political schools. If they proved to be honest, loyal to their voters and caring about people they represent, then it also means that they also somehow remember what they were taught in the Earth Zone’s political schools.

If the magicians are politicians, they could ask Peresch to be their guardian. Politics is usually dirty, but with Peresh’s help, it will be in accordance to Divine Providence. If you do not have political ambitions, you may ask Peresch to help your favourite politicians. You may yourself become a politician after the successful evocation of Peresch, even if you disliked that idea and thought it was not your destiny.

This spirit wants to see this world become a better place so he supports Bardonian magicians to get more involved in politics. Peresch can help you become a true master of political sciences. Your understandings of global politics may become exceptional with Peresch. This head might give you a lot of opportunities to influence politics behind the scene with your magic. He will support you to make a team with a group of likeminded magicians with the goal to maintain peace, stop wars and solve difficult political crises. Peresch is also a special protector of political dissidents and emigrants. If you happened to be a member of political emigrations, Peresch would certainly agree to help.

Peresch’s most important subordinate spirits are guardians of all nations in our world. Each nation has its own group of guardian spirits and they change periodically over time. Many guardians of different nations are responsible to Peresch. This spirit can encourage you to meet with guardians of your own nation. I have met and talked to a few guardians of my nation such as to: Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest inventors from the last century; Zoran Djindjic, one of the most promising politicians from recent history; Ivan Djuric, an excellent historian; Branislav Nusic, a great novelist, and an unknown older woman, who is a representative of peasants.

You may also see in the Earth Zone politicians who failed with their missions. There are many of them. It is even possible to speak to holy guardian angels of some politicians who are still alive. Some of them are genuinely embarrassed. I met one of them who told me, “My political activities in the last election was wrong and shameful.” This spirit can also introduce you to all different political groups around the Earth Zone and inform you about their aspirations, cooperations, arguments and conspirations. If you do not want to get involved with politics, you’d better not evoke Peresch.

In his portion of the Earth Zone, a part of Urgivoh’s missions is to educate future politicians. There are many different kinds of politicians in the Earth Zone and some of them are on their way to be born in our world’s reality. Most of them will, however, forget all about Urgivoh and his instructions once they are born and especially once they gain the political power. A few of them will, however, accomplish their political missions successfully, after which they will be welcomed back by Urgivoh and his subordinate spirits with great honour. According to Urgivoh, politicians are originally meant to be true leaders of their people. If you are a politician, you could ask Urgivoh to become your professional guardian. This head grants popularity and good elections, and can help you even become a high-ranking politician if that is your wish. Urgivoh can also help you become a charismatic person no matter if you are a politician or not. He can urge you to influence through your magic a change of corrupted political systems and replacement of incompetent people from governmental positions. If you are not or do not want to be a politician, Urgivoh can help you meet some politicians who might become your true friends and help you a lot in your life and careers.

Both Urgivoh and Peresh are actually supervised by Mikael, a Shem angel.

In his most divine form as Biud, Mikael’s power manifests in pacification of the most aggressive components of solar energies which would be lethal to all beings if not balanced or suppressed. Related to our reality, the magicians may learn from Mikael knowledge of politics. Mikael gives visions of future political events and can tell destiny of all important politicians. Mikael may ask the magicians about their political orientations and possible political careers. He would then give them good suggestions and grant them good contacts in order to be successful in politics. The situation in the world is dangerous, so Mikael would appreciate to see more magicians being involved in politics. If politicians are honest, loyal to their voters and caring about people they represent, Mikael will support them. The magician may also be in a situation to become a high-ranking politician with this angel’s help. Mikael grants the magicians popularity and leadership skills, opening for them ways to reach up the top, if that is their wish. He is powerful angel of those rulers who protect their people and countries during war. He will give victory to all righteous, faithful and honest leaders. In different periods of time he was the guarding angel of many heroic people.

Besides Mikael, there are many Solar kings who can be call for if you have political ambitious and help in politics.

Actually all political figures and all politics are covered by the Great Arcana The Emperor.


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