49 Vehuel

Key Target: Divination
Keys: 19
Keys in Total: 741-760
Conjurations: 1

Tree of Life: Chokmah in Netzchah
Choir of Principalities
Secondary angel: Reno
Counter-genius: Luheve

Vehuel’s People:
The Philippines

Vehuel’s Individuals:

  • Artists
  • Fashion designers and models
  • Inner designers
  • Jurists
  • Diplomats
  • Writers
  • Farmers
  • Winemakers

Situations to Evoke Vehuel

  • Wanting to be undisturbed
  • Insecurity
  • Recovering health
  • Aiming to be at the right place at the right time
  • Divination
  • Bilocation, telepathy, communication with spirits, etc.
  • Feng Shui
    Names of God related to Vehuel
    Three letters name: והו – VHU
    English epithet: The Great and Exalted God
    Latin epithet: Deus Magnus & Excelsus
    One of the most relevant: JuHW
    Kircher and Bardon: Mora
    The 6th and 7th Books of Moses: Taunton
    Slavic Miscellany for Travelers: Vagalnarytyn
    Liber Juratus: R
    Summa Sacre Magice: Maker

Dominant colours in the triangle: 10% orange, 30% green, 60% red
Candles: 4 (3 red and 1 green)
Magical link through crystals, stones and ores: Turquoise – Reveals ancient wisdom, knowledge and reveals future and past lives. Magic of divination.
Wood magic link: Alder – Magic of divination
Magical links through music: Tagalog music, Ifugao music and Maranao kulintang music as well as other traditional songs and dances from from the Philippines

The angel with a similar name: Vehuel and the first Shem Angel Vehuiah have the same three letters name – VHV

Best Time for Evocation: 23-27 November (1-5 Sagittarius) and also during the following five days: 19 February, 7 May, 18 July, 28 September and 9 December. From 4:00 pm to 4:20 pm.

Conjured with the Psalm 145:3 “Great is the Lord, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.” In Latin: “Magnus Dominus et laudabilis nimis et magnitudinia ejus non est finis”

Appearance: Focus on your breath, empty your mind of any thoughts, visualize the number 49, knock on the door, and wait for Vehuel to welcome you in. Introduce yourself and inform Vehuel why you have come for a visit. He often appears as a huge angel. You may be only tall enough to see his knees. The room where he usually meets people is enormously large. He is very personal and welcoming in his interactions with people. This angel is joyous and even almost a little eccentric. When you meet this amazing angel, you might spontaneously bow to him, but then he will say, “Don’t bow to me, bow to God only!”

Divine Key

1.Vehuel and Cabala: The name of Vehuel derives from VHU, the three letters name of God. In Hebrew it is והו. It should be pronounced like Vehava, though suggestions were also made to pronounce it as Vehu. This name also appears as VaHeyVa in Abulafia’s Book of Desire. The English epithet for VHU is The Great and Exalted God. In Latin it is Deus Magnus & Excelsus.

2.Quantity Key – Mora: The 49th God’s name according to Kircher and the 49th quantity key according to Bardon, linked to Vehuel. Mora gives beauty to God’s creatures. It is mighty protector of everything beautiful in the world. Mora is great protector of Venus and all of its children. In magical tradition, Mora is used to commend spirits and to obtain wealth ( The True Petition of the Jesuits). It rules over the number 7, and specifically its range from 7,0001 to 7,1.

Cosmic and Planetary Keys

3.Akasha: Vehuel is one of the most significant guardians of the Akashic records. Ask him to give you a chance to see your past and future lives, and also fates of other people.

4.Absolute (Perfect) Intelligence: Vehuel is one of the most important guardians of the Absolute Intelligence, which is, according to Sepher Yetzirah the 8th of 32 paths of wisdom. William Gray writes in The Ladder of Lights that a living matter that comes to life from Malkuth and Yesod cannot survive long without intelligence. Absolute Intelligence is connected to Mercury. That planet sends intelligence to all beings, though not all of them are ready to accept it equally. People from this Earth are capable enough to receive some parts of Mercurial intelligence, but it is still overwhelming to us and for this reason we call it Absolute or Perfect Intelligence. Mercury is adaptable and its transmission can be recognizable and understandable. Ask Vehuel to help you get better understanding of Absolute Intelligence and how to use it in practice.

  1. The Principalities: Vehuel reveals all secrets about this angelic choir.

Mental, Astral and Physical Keys

  1. Divination: Vehuel teaches about the art of prophesy by all different methods, including tarot, bibliomancy, runes and yi jing. He is one of the best teachers of feng shui. Vehuel instructs how to divine with dust, salt, sand, smoke, wax, flames, etc. He also reveals how to read features of human heads, hands, palms, eyes, face and other body parts. This magical field is popular among many spirits from the Earth, Moon, Mercury and Venus zones. Besides Vehuel, the best Shem teachers of divination are:
  • Jeialel – all forms of divination
  • Damabiah – synthesis of different divination forms, tools and models
  • Hahaiah – tarot, yi jing, runes, chiromancy and astrology
  • Nelekael – accuracy in divinations
  • Sealiah – accuracy in divinations about karma related problems.
    Magic of divination is similar with magic of scrying.
  1. Apocalyptic Visions: After evocation of Vehuel, you should be ready for possible sporadic nightmarish visions of apocalyptic events Apocalypse, as a powerful archetype, periodically shows up during the development of the magician’s visionary mind. So, you should take it as something normal.
  2. Bilocation: Vehuel teaches the art of bilocation. This art is quite easy to achieve in the astral plane. Some very spiritual and talented people know how to teleport over great distances and appear in two or more places at the same time even in our world’s reality. If that is your aspiration, ask Vehuel for help.
  3. Telepathy: Vehuel also teaches about telepathy. Spirits mostly communicate with each other through telepathy. They usually hear words from other spirits directly in their own minds, but sometimes they also speak out from their mouths in order to be better heard and understood. Vehuel can also give you the ability to penetrate into other people’s minds. It is highly unlikely that Vehuel would offer this help to immature magicians, as this ability can be easily abused.
  4. Orientation: Guided by this remarkable angel, you will always know where to find the best location in a restaurant, at the table, in a room, on the bus, train or airplane. You will exactly sense where the best possible and most harmonious energies are present at any given moment and place, which in turn will also help you have healthy and happy life. You will not be at the wrong place at the wrong time. You will develop the perfect sense about locations which are best to be avoided and you will be able to prevent tragedies and save other peoples’ lives by giving them warnings in advance.
  5. Warning Messages: In the case of danger and urgency, he will give you a warning message in a clear human voice. His words will be sharp-cat and downright. He might even appear in physical form, in order to minimize the possibility of mutual misunderstanding.
  6. Aura: You will easily learn how to spot and read peoples’ auras with Vehuel’s help.
  7. Art and Beauty: Vehuel is one of the greatest cosmic guardians of art, beauty and all good things in life. He gives a beautiful appearance to witches, magicians and all other people he likes. This angel helps them create beautiful art, grants them a life in peace and security, and enables them to keep up with their magical work and studies undisturbed. He likes all artists, but prefers writers most of them all.
  8. Healing: This angel is also one of the best masters of spagyric medicine. He may show you how to make a special and powerful wine for treating heart problems. 13.
  9. Conflict Prevention: He prevents conflicting situations.
  10. Gossip Prevention: Vehuel binds the tongue of gossipers.
  11. Diplomacy: Vehuel is a guardian of diplomats.
  12. Justice: This angel also protects jurists.
  13. Enemies: This brilliant angels reveals hidden enemies.
  14. Farmers: Vehuel is a special patron of farmers. If you are a farmer, your hens will have a large amount of eggs, your cows will not get sick and your horses will get first prizes on exhibitions and competitions.

Conjuration to Become Master of Divination:

         “In the name of VHU, Deus Magnus & Exelcus, JuHW, Mora, Taunton, Vagalnarytyn, P, and Maker, I ask you Vehuel to help me become master of divination, so that I may help people with accurate prophecies.”

Names of God in the context of this divination:

  • JuHW – A shorter form of IHVH. According to Franz Bardon, it helps with prophecy, and also brings success in matters of friendship. It also gives special protection against negative beings of all kind.
    – Taunton – This 49th God’s name according to The Sixth and Seventh Moses Book, linked to Vehuel, should be used in Akasha and divination.

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