Achadiel from Venus

21. Achadiel

Achadiel may appear wearing a long blue silk robe with golden embroidery. He has long white hair. He sometimes wears a pointy hat with feathers attached. His wand is made of oak. It has writings in crystals. The very top of it has a giant pearl with many colors shining.

He lives in a tower of a neon pink color. It may make you laugh because it looks like a doll house. There is a front door, but also a tall stair case that leads to the tower up top. Each stair case has Hebrew letters carved onto it.

In his realm, you may find a lot of wonderful things and being, like statues of humans with crowns and tridents in their hands, but with the bottom half of the bodies of bears. The statues were made of the sand from the beach which is red in color. There are mushrooms slowly migrating together glowing in orange and red colors. You can come across giant trees with faces looking at you and smiling. One of those trees can offer you an apple, which is constantly glowing in millions of colors, and if you look closely, it has stars within it. You might feel like you are the first person that has been there in these woods. You can also come across a family of whales swimming/flying above and singing to each other. They move so slow but gracefully. There is a small playground with children playing. These children look like light beings throwing something that resembles a ball to each other. They don’t really have faces, just slight figures somewhat like humans, but made out of light. Then, there are also some giant spiders of the Angelic orders of The Daughters.

Achadiel’s specialty is philosophy of construction. It means he is n charge of the interior construction of Venusian realms and its constructs and connection to the other realms. He has spirits that specifically build, thread, meld and wire everything together via his instructions. Then he connects it all together. He shows the glimpse of the fundamentals of building realms which is very fascinating. There’s a lot of details involved. For instance, on our physical plane we use bricks, cement and wires to build things. Over there, they don’t have that. They have energy, though. They collect various forms and types of energies vibrating at different frequencies. Then there is a group of spirits that take that raw of free flowing energy from certain mines and hand it over to another ground of spirits that will fold and bend it to its specification and then sends it over to the third group that pulls, extends and cuts it. Then they are passed down to the threaders. Finally, Achadiel connects it all, then builds it into buildings, cities, castles, or whatever it is needed for. This is just the surface of it all. The rest involves with mathematics which can be too complicated to understand. His realm aids with construction in general.

Achadiel can also teach about the construction of sigils and also how to dissolve them, which in some instances is crucial, but often under the seal of secrecy. If anyone is interested in learning, just come and visit him, and he will teach.

Like all other Venus’s spirits from this group, he is also very interested in our physical plane.

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