Akirgi, The Earth Zone, Textile and Business in General


Abramelin the Mage: Akirgi

Quintscher: Akirgi

Faculty: Business

Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration:

El, Tzadkiel and Uriel

Dominant colour of the space’s decoration: White

Candles: 3 white candles


– A magic mirror, a crystal ball, coins, Jupiter talismans and pentacles, and the suit of Pentacles from the tarot;

– Rubies, sapphires, emeralds, turquoises, moss agate, onyx, jet, brown jasper, peridot, pearls and jades;

– Gorse, magnolias, peonies, orchids, money tree, marigolds, primroses, and incenses like patchouli, honeysuckle and vervain.

Offering: White wine

Similar spirits: Akirgi belongs to the great Gi family together with: Jajaregi, Igigi, Echagi, Charagi, Megalogi and Lotogi. They might invite the magician to their important family receptions and meetings, which should be accepted graciously as it is a great honour.

Akirgi is a very benevolent spirit. He likes to enjoy life and looks like an old bohemian. He helps with business matters and grants financial success in all business enterprises. Some doors might be closed, preventing you from becoming rich, but Akirgi might open them for you after the first successful evocation of him. Franz Bardon wrote that Akirgi helps the magician to be successful, innovative and wealthy especially working in the paper, textiles, furs, skins, leather industries and other related businesses, but nowadays his influence covers new technologies too. In other words, if this spirit likes you, he will boost your success and wealth in all industries. Akirgi will, however, most probably urge you to share your wealth with your family members and closest friends, or at least somehow include them in your business.

Your first business opportunities should appear soon after the first successful evocation of him, but the magician should establish strong relations with this head for lasting results. The magician should also ask spirits of nature for their blessings since big businesses usually bring devastation to nature. Nowadays Akirgi fully supports environmentally friendly products which are made completely out of recycled materials.

Magic with Akirgi can fail to give results if he happens to dislike you, or for some karmic reason which prevent some people from becoming rich however hard they try.

Conjuration: In the name of El, Tzadkiel and Uriel, I ask you great Akirgi to appear in my triangle which I have been humbly trying to arrange for you. I ask you to bring happiness, pleasure and wealth into my life. Your mighty people are gracious, happy and wealthy. They are also excellent traders. I would like to absorb their qualities with your help. If you could please teach me how to enjoy life, be powerful and wealthy, I would be grateful to you forever. Amen.”

Magical images, enchanting music and other magical links in your future evocations: Specify your wishes in your future conjurations. The image of a textile factory owner will make Akirgi’s presence more obvious. Ask Akirgi to inspire you how to make this magical image. He is fond of classical music and paintings about factory workers. Akirgi will also suggest you how to contact him in a less complexed manner in some more urgent situations.

Recommended further activities: Dedicate 15° Virgo to Akirgi. Keep your wish lists on your altar for one year and come back to check results once a week. Meet some happy and successful businessmen and have a good time with them. Make business plans and set up your goals. Ask your friends if they have some business ideas and start a trade. Make your dreams come true. Take notes about your magic with Akirgi in your magical diary.

Suggested magical links to Akirgi through music:

– Eric Coates – Calling All Workers.

– Neil Rolnick – Farm To Factory.

– Carter Pann – Four Factories.

Suggested magical links to Akirgi through paintings:

– Utagawa Kuniyoshi – Animals dyeing fabrics, 18th-19th c.

– Charles Le Brun – Louis XIV Visiting the Gobelins Factory, 17th c.

– Anders Zorn – The Wallpaper Factory, 1884.

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