Amia – Crystals and Stones

Amia is a very interesting spirit of Capricorn.

According to Amia, working with crystals and stones can enlighten people, even if this happens to be the only magic they do.

This head can help the magician evoke the following spirits:

– Agate spirits help the magician strengthen his or her body and mind;

– Alexandrite spirits are responsible for spiritual transformation and regeneration;

– Amazonite spirits give joy and relieve depression;

– Amber spirits bring harmony to the body and spiritualise the intellect;

– Amethyst spirits strengthen the endocrine and immune system;

– Aquamarine spirits purify the mind and body and calm the nerves;

– Aventurine spirits reject negativity, anxiety and fears;

– Azurite spirits see through illusions and help in meditation;

– Beryl spirits provide protection and remedy laziness;

– Carnelian spirits heal other stone and crystal spirits;

– Citrine spirits give cheerfulness and hope;

– Diamond spirits strengthen the will and provide power;

– Emerald spirits enhance spiritual insight;

– Jade spirits increase longevity and fertility;

– Lapis Lazuli spirits lead towards inner wisdom;

– Malachite spirits reduce stress and enhance good sleep;

– Moonstone spirits relieve stress and help women when they give birth;

– Obsidian spirits protect and grant strength;

– Onyx spirits give information about any subject;

– Opal spirits enhance intuition;

– Pearls spirits enhance good judgment and promote mercy;

– Quartz spirits have many different faculties from enhancing meditation to expelling fear and jealousy;

– Ruby spirits help separate oneself from base passions;

– Sapphire spirits strengthen the will;

– Tiger’s Eye spirits rule over spirits who can help the magician to ground themself and focus;

– Tourmaline spirits protect and aid during sleep.

Dedicate one of those days to Amia. Have a walk outside. Meditate by the stones and practice the earth exercises from Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics”. Evoke the spirit from your favourite crystal or stone with Amia’s help. Afterwards, cultivate your relationship with that spirit. Ask Amia to show you her kingdom. Clean your crystals and stones and ask Amia to be present. Dedicate one stone or crystal to Amia. It should be as neutral as possible, as it should be impregnated with Amia’s energies, with no other influences. Take notes about your magic with Amia in your magical diary.

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