Amzhere and his Counter-Genius

This text also related about one method of discovering names of the counter-genii.

I will share what happened to me five years ago while I was evoking Amzhere, the 5th genius of the Moon Zone, whose traditional and more familiar name is Gabriel (not to mix it up with archangel Gabriel).

After a while, I entered into an alternate state of mind, in which I was reading Bardon’s description of this genius from his book The Practice of Magical Evocation.

I read more or less, exactly, what it was written in that book:

“Is the fifth head of the Moon sphere, who apart from other things, can procure for the magician the favour, of and protection by, very important personalities… The magician is capable of making pliant any person he wishes.”

But then suddenly, I read the last sentence, which Franz Bardon had not written!

The sentence was:

“The name of his counter-genius is Aleim”.

I was very surprised. I told to myself, “What is that? Bardon did not write this? What am I reading”. Only then, did I understand, that I was not reading Bardon’s book from this world’s reality.

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