Aziel’s counter-genius

My adventure with Aziel last night

Except that it was not Aziel, but lets start from the beginning.

As I am finishing this book about Mercury, I am in the latest round of evocations of 72 angels. So last night I got tired of writing, saw that the last one I was writing about was Aziel, and went to my room for evocation. My plan was simply to ask Aziel if he was OK with what I had already written about him, and if he had something to add.

However, a few things went wrong at the very beginning of evocation. There was no sign of him, but instead I heard some eery voices, like coming from a suffering little animal, and the whole atmosphere felt bad and scary.

But I banished those strange signs, and moved on to the higher astral dimension to check if I could find Aziel somewhere there. And here I was in my astral temple from where I most often perform my astral operations.

I asked Aziel to appear, and after a while, there he was sitting on my armchair. He was a gentleman in his fifities. He had a grey pullover. A bit unshaved. Friendly. I welocomed him in and payed respect and honour. We talked a bit.

I asked him if he would like to add something in my book, but then he stood up from the chair and his whole attitude change. He got very aggressive and hostile. His eyes were burning with hate. They were shining dark red. And he started strangling me. I was first terrified, then shocked, but quickly accepted the fight. I understood that this was no Ariel but his counter-genius. Damn, how strong he was. While I was fighting for my breath, I spoke to him many times Adonai, Agla, Shaday, Sabaoth, and all names I could come up with in such a short time. He was surprised, and then afraid, finally he started disappearing, and vanished.

But I was not OK. My astral temple was demaged by his energy and that fight. Quickly thinking about what to do next I evoked Vehuiah for help. Went out the window in search for him. And luckily, Vehuiah heard my call. She was downstairs together with a friend. I was very much surprised to see Vehuiah as a female. First time this happened. Even stranger, she was a little girl. Her friend seemed like her twin. Vehuiah wore a red dress. Vehuiah almost always wears red robes. Even if in a form of a girl, I knew that it was Vehuiah. As I was in a hurry, I did not ask who the other girl was. She was the same, but wore a white dress. She might be Vehuiah’s secondary angel. Now I regret I did not ask, but the situation was urgent. I started explaing to Vehuiah what had just happened but she already knew. In a second we were back to my astral temple. She cleaned this space at once with holy water and some magical powder with beatiful aroma.

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