Asinel – The Earth Zone, Good Luck

245. Asinel (5° Sagittarius)

Abramelin the Mage: Asinel

Quintscher: Asinel

Faculty: Good luck

Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration: Agla, Elohim Tz’ Vah-oht, El-Oh-Ah V’dah-Aht, Shaddai El-Chail, Haamiah, Aziel, Hariel, Vehuel, Rochel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Sandalphon 

Dominant colour of the space’s decoration: Any 

Candles: 2 candles of any colour


–  A magic mirror, a crystal ball, stellar symbols, pentacles, hexagrams, a horseshoe, figurines of fairies and a chalice;

–  Amazonite, onyx, jet, brown jasper, staurolite and peridot;

–  Cloves, primroses, cherries,  potato, snapdragons, tulips, acorns, allspice, bamboo, banyan, strawberry leaves, star anise, pineapple and nutmeg.

Offering: Water or a strong alcoholic drink, coffee and a cigar

Similar spirits: Asinel is similar to the following heads who also bring luck: Capipa, Aspadit, Iserag and Jromoni.

Asinel is a very friendly spirit always ready to help the magician with good luck. He can teach the magician how to prepare fluid condensers and can give you many spells to attract good luck. He can also teach you how to create different talismans and amulets for luck. You can use those fluid condensers, charms, spells, amulets and talismans any time you want. He will surely inspire you to wish luck for other people as often as possible. If he is close to you, he will hear you any time you wish luck and happiness to other people and he will help. This spirit can also explain to you why you were unlucky during certain periods of your life.

Asinel’s ideal is to wish happiness to all people, so he won’t grant the magician luck if there is a risk that it could harm other people’s health, feelings, stability or happiness.

Conjuration: In the name of  Agla, Elohim Tz’ Vah-oht, El-Oh-Ah V’dah-Aht, Shaddai El-Chail, Haamiah, Aziel, Hariel, Vehuel, Rochel, Michael, Raphael, Gabriel, Uriel and Sandalphon, I ask you great Asinel to appear in my triangle which I have been humbly trying to arrange for you. I ask you to bring good luck, happiness, pleasure and wealth into my life. Your people are lucky, gracious, happy and wealthy and I would like to be like them with your help. If you could please teach me how to enjoy life, I would be grateful to you forever. Amen.” 

Magical Images, Enchanting Music and other Magical Links in your Future Evocations: Specify what you exactly wish for in your future conjurations. The image of a lucky characters from comics like Gladstone Glander whom luck provides anything he desires with hardly the need of effort.  Asinel is attracted to music and paintings celebrating good luck. He will also suggest you how to contact her in a less complex manner when you need urgent luck.  

Recommended Further Activities: Dedicate 6° Sagittarius to Asinel. Surprise a person you love with a nice present. Write down about what you wish for and put your wish list on your altar next to Asinel’s sigil. Talk to him about your long term plans and life missions, because he always likes to know why your wishes have to be fulfilled. Meet some happy people and have a good time. Take notes about your magic with Asinel in your magical diary.

Suggested Magical Links to Asinel Through Music:

– Judith Weir – Miss Fortune.

– Phil Rosheger – Good Luck Waltz.

– Mendelssohn – Calm Sea and Prosperous Voyage.

Suggested Magical Links to Asinel Through Paintings:

– Raphael Kirchner – Girls with Good Luck Charms, c. 1900.

– Tsukioka Yoshitoshi – The Seven Lucky Gods, 19th century.

– Wilhelm Kotarbinski – The Seller of Amulets.

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