Beyond Saturn

And suddenly, I was somewhere in the Universe, seeing a blue galaxy. I say galaxy, because there is nothing you could compare it with unless it is galaxy. It was light blue and was certainly huge. It was something like a way bigger than any galaxy. I was watching it. And it gave me its name. The name which I heard made me go back at once back to my computer to write it down and compare it with other names that I had written down, and it matched. It all perfectly matched, but that computer and my matching was not from this reality, but rather from the astral reality. A few more times I flew over there to be sure what this all was about, the name, energy, appearance, etc. And back to my computer, and again went out there, and so on.. Whatever I would write in my book, it had to be correct, and that is why I was doing it. But that all was not from this reality. All that was from the astral world, but from that astral point, I was heading somewhere else. This enormous blue light where I was heading at, so big it was, that it was huger than our Milky Way, it was not in the astral, not even in the mental, it did not care actually where it was…And it was not easy to find. Well, whatever it was, it was beyond Saturn…It is wonderful, scary, beautiful, amazing, terrifying, and also apocalyptic. Probably Eons, that is what they are.

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