Chariot of Fire Mysteries

Those mysteries are about some people who never experienced death, but were moved into heaven with their own living physical bodies typically by the Chariot of Fire.

Gregory the Theologian says that “Enoch was the first, Abraham 21st … and Jesus Christ 77th in number to exalt to heaven in human body”.

Sandalphon as Elijah and Metatron as Enoch, both of them were taken by the Chariot of Fire into Heaven while they were still alive, which also means that they did not have to experience death.

The Byzantine Emperor Basil firmly believed that he would also be carried away to heaven alive in the Chariot of Fire, like his patron Elijah had done, but nope, he was wrong. His death was actually quite pathetic.

Basil died on August 29, 886 from a fever contracted after a serious hunting accident when his belt was caught in the antlers of a deer, and he was allegedly dragged 16 miles through the woods. He was saved by an attendant who cut him loose with a knife, but he suspected the attendant of trying to assassinate him and had the man executed shortly before he himself died.

Well, at least he was right that he would be dragged…

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