Counter-genii – specifically related to Shem angels

The negative counterparts of Shem angels were called “le mauvais génie” by Lazare Lenain. In English they were translated as “bad angels” by Vaughan. Their literal and more accurate translation should be “bad genii”. This translation brings them much closer to “counter-genii” how they were called by Franz Bardon. The counter-genii are not only related to Shem Angels, but to all other planetary spirits. Possible relations between “bad genii” and Goetic spirits is a special topic which can be explained to the mature magicians by relevant spirits.

We conjure the Shem angel in the name of IHVH and other relevant God’s names in order to show our devotion, channel our energy towards the right direction, make our evocations easier, but also to protect ourselves from possible malevolent, unwelcome and uninvited spirits. For the same reasons, we also sometimes ask Raziel in our conjurations to supervise our operations. If you have established communication with your HGA, you may ask him to supervise your evocations too. Maintaining a calm and untroubled mind and having a clear intent and purpose – much like any other magical work – tend to reduce the possibility of any untoward results.

In spite of all of our efforts, we may still unintentionally evoke the negative counterpart of the evoked Shem angel. For example, if during and after the evocation, you start feeling overwhelmed by a massive dark force, which would later lead to depressing thoughts and negativity, this might be a sign that something went wrong with your evocation and that you have evoked some powerful counter-genius.

If that happens, pray to God, sing relevant Psalm verses, lit the candle and burn incenses. In the name of YHVH and other relevant God’s names, banish the presence of that counter-genius from your surroundings. 

Not all of the symptoms from all of the counter-genii are equally serious, though. Not all of the “bad genii” are equally “bad”. They differ from each other in their nature and faculties immensely in the same way how the Shem angels differ from each other. The story of counter-genii is a fascinating and much unexplored topic, mostly because the magicians who had experience with them, refuse to talk about it. Franz Bardon did not give the sigils of counter-genii and their names for fear that they might be abused by some immature magicians.

Nowadays the sigils of the counter-genii have finally become available to the public, in spite of Bardon’s and others’ efforts to keep them hidden. The topic of counter-genii will be certainly explored by some future magicians in more details. There is almost no possibility that the immature magician could gain any authority over the counter-genii, but they could seriously harm themselves and others by unintentionally invoked powerful energies that they cannot control.

Talking about Mizrael, according to Ambelain, Mizrael’s bad angel “rules over all insubordinate beings and influences all bad physical and moral qualities.” The 19th century Swedish writer Viktor Nyrdberg gave Mizrael’s demon the name Tekfael, in his book Medeltidens Magi (Magic of the Middle Ages). Alternate name of Mizrael’s counter-genius is Larezim.

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