Divine Architecture

Great builders and architects are present in all planetary zones. They are supervised by their own planetary great masters. The great master of the Earth Zone is Tigrapho and Achadail is the greatest architect from the Venus Zone. Shemhamporash angel Mizrael is the greatest master builder and architect in the Mercury Zone.

Construction of cosmic connections between Mercury, Venus, the Earth and other planets are supervised by the Shem angel Hahaiah.

Astral cities, towns, roads, buildings and infrastructure of all planets, including our Earth, are built similarly to how Achadiel and his assistants make their constructions on Venus. First, they all look at Akasha to spot their models which are there in their most perfect forms, and then they do their best to replicate them into their own planetary zones. Very inspirational and lucid builders from our world have the same ability. The goal of the first Middle Age masonic masters was to connect Heaven and Earth through their cathedrals and other sacred buildings in hope to make them in their beauty and holiness as close to their Divine sources as humanly possible. Long time before, old Egyptians had also built their settlements according to the pattern they had seen in the stars, but this knowledge is much older than that, as it goes all the way back to Atlantis, and probably even longer back in time.

YHVH gives life to all planets, whereas each latter rules over its respective realm. Y is governed by God’s names and it stands for Divine realms of each planet. In this realm, constructions and structures are built directly by Divine names. The first H stands for archangelic realms and it is governed by archangels. Cities, buildings and all other structures are built there by archangels inspired by God’s names. V stands for angelic realms. Architectures and builders are there angels. They are inspired by God’s names and instructed and helped by archangels. The last H is run by us humans. The best builders and architects among us are also inspired by God’s names, and helped by archangels and angels. They have this rare ability to visit cities of angels and archangels in order to replicate angelic buildings and monuments here on the Earth.

Можда је уметничко дело

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