Dynamis is a Greek word from Matthew 7:22. According to Pistis Sophia, Dynamis is also one of the 7 Aeons who procreated the superior angels. In Gnosticism Dynamis is sometimes seen as the chief male personification of power, whereas Pistis Sophia is chief female personification of wisdom. In Hekhaloth lore, according to Scholem, Dynamis is a secret name of Metatron. 

Today Dynamis is mostly used and popularized by the modern grimoire The Miracle of New Avatar Power (NAP). This book gives Incantation to Give Power Over Others: “Mightiest Dynamis! There are those over whom I would have ultimate power so that they obey my every word and thought. Bring Thy mystic energy to bear on me, such that I radiate your power.” Dynamis from NAP is a Martial entity who gives power to command others. His energy is described as alpha male, but very friendly. The example in the NAP tells of a a mousy person who became a mayor. This is the key point of how Dynamis can help transform the magician.

Modern magicians’ experiences vary a bit but are positive. Some of them think that Dynamis is the highest ranked among spirits mentioned in NAP, while other say that Dynamis is more a force of phsyics or metaphysics than a planetary spirit linked to one planet, such as Mars. A younger magician said about himself that he did not become a mayor of his town but he did turn from a beta to an alpha male – powerful person. Some magicians have become less insecure and more forward, so they find Dynamis very helpful when it comes to personal development. They claim that now many people would come to them for advice or tell them their trouble. Dynamis guided some of them towards their HGA. Magical discipline also increased. They would also feel less social anxiety, which they tend to have. As for possible counter-effects, Dynamis was experienced not to be an easy spirit to work with, so you can expect a lot of pressure. The workings tends to put you into situation after situation where personal power was needed and tested from you. It is best to invoke Dynamis to the East.

Image: A mystical depiction of Sophia from Geheime Figuren der RosenkreuzerAltona, 1785. 

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