Fire Magic when it Goes Wrong – Some Thoughts and Examples

Some spirits are very mighty so it is always better to evoke them outside. They are so much powerful that some of them, as taught by Bardon, can even provoke or stop volcanoes. In other words, it is very easy to ignite fire during the evocation of related fire spirits, so one needs to be very careful when working with them.

So, the magician is expected to have already spent some time studying and practicing magic before trying to evoke any of the fire spirits. Let’s remember that the fire might get violent. If the magicians happen to be immature, then they might also face some bigger difficulties to handle energies and influences from the fire spirits.

Some fire spirits do not like people, so in the best case, they will just ignore you, but in some worse cases they may also get violent and dangerous.

They may scare you with how they look like (if they are mighty they are then also magnificent, beautiful and grandiose), but this is not a big problem. The real problem is that their influences on your mind and psyche can be disastrous. The magicians should be advanced and stable because otherwise they might develop some passions and desires which they cannot control.

Some immature magicians might even get tempted to provoke earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, if for no other reason than just to try it.

Magic with fire has the power to open up peoples’ lives for something unusual and new. If you are not ready for new experiences and adventures, then this can create big problems. You will try to stop something which you have provoked yourself. That is rarely a wise choice.

Fire gives great courage, intuition and inspiration, but if your body is to weak to follow the fire you have raised within yourself, it might start imploding within, which can be disastrous for health. Let’s say that this can lead to depression among many other things. Dragons had to exhale fire because they would otherwise die. If you cannot express yourself for any reason, the accumulation of inner fire can be disastrous.

On the other hand the fire magic can also provoke extreme aggression as well.

In other words, fire can drive magicians insane if they are not able to handle and cultivate its power.

Fire is not for kids, so if you are not ready do not play with fire.

If you are familiar with tarot, reverse tarot cards of Wands can pretty much explain how magic with fire can go wrong and be dangerous.

In the best case, fire won’t happen, but in the worst case it can kill.


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