Games on Venus and other planets

Ardho is a master of games from Venus.

She also delivers many opportunities for entertainments, pleasures and good time with friends.

Ardho thinks that game is one of fundamental forces of civilisation, which helps people rise above their instincts.

Her assistants are all kinds of spirits, from Venus’ animals to humans. For example, there you can see women riding giant moose, chasing each other. Moose have violet colored eyes and their furs are glistening like opal. They have six legs and two tails.

It comes naturally to associate Venus with games. However, they do not play games only for fun on Venus. Playing games is taken as a serious job on Venus, as it helps with maintenance of the whole planetary system and health and growth of each Venusian. 

Spirits of Venus adore to play all kinds of different games and sports. Some are similar from our world’s reality, while others are quite different. They also like to play musical instruments, dance, sing, make fun, bath in the fountains, swim and play chess, cards and all different social games.

Games are treated as a special field of magic on Venus. To them games are magical. They have the power to ease tension and boost confidence. Games has power to unite people and bring happiness.

Ardho and her friends are initiators of many social games, cards and toys. They may give you a lot of opportunities to play with children. They also urge adults to be childish.

Ardho closely cooperates with those genii from the Earth Zone, like Flabison and Parmasa, who also educate people through games and who see in them a fundamental force of civilisation. Ardho has especially close contact with Imamiah, the Shem angel, who is the master of games from Mercury.

Games are treated with the same importance on Mercury, but they are more accommodated for the children of Mercury, which means that they are a bit more competitive and a bit more based on mental activities. If you are in good terms with both Ardho and Imamiah, you will have a chance to take parts in such games which are not only made up by humans, but also by giants, demons, fairies, angels and all other kinds of different beings.

Links between Ardho’s region of Venus and Imamiah’s region on Mercury are so close, that you may end up on Venus with Ardho, instead of your previous plan to visit Imamiah, or vice verse.

On your way to Ardho’s region, you might come across a blue door with a symbol of Mercury. If you go through that door, you will come to Imamiah’s place. If you want to continue to go to Ardho, then turn to the left and keep walking until you find another door in green with a Venus symbol.

Besides, Ardho’ s region is also neighboring Asam’s realm, so you might again end up in a wrong place. So, you really need to be careful when you want to visit Ardho’s region, as otherwise you might easily go to a wrong place. The more we think about it, the more we are are convinced, that this is also a kind of Ardho’s game.

Games are also played in all other planetary zones. Each planetary zone gives some special flavour to their games. They can be described like this:

– Spirits from Saturn does not like playing games that much, but if they do they are often colored with the black sense of humor

– Spirits from Mars like military games, athletes, gymnastic, all kinds of ball games, as well as swimming. Naturally, all kinds of martial arts are included. There is actually a little difference between games and sports on Mars, as most games are there very competitive, strongly organized and with steadfast rules.

– Spirits from Mercury like puzzles and other mental games, though they also like athletes, gymnastics and all kinds of sport.

– Spirits from Venus on one hand like innocent childish games and on the other hand very provocative games according to our standards. They games often go with music, dance and generally a lot of fun.

– Spirits from the Moon like to play with illusions and other phenomena. Their games can seem absurd to us and not easy to understand.

– Spirits from the Sun like games with morale.

– Spirits from Jupiter like good laughter no matter what games they play.

This is just a general guide through magic of games, which is a highly unexplored field of magic.

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