Gerolamo Cardano and Air Spirits

If you talk to yourself out loud, it does not necessarily mean that you have psychological problems, but only that you are actually arguing with air spirits about how the world came to be.

Gerolamo Cardano (1444–1524), an Italian jurist, mathematician, hermeticist and occultist, a friend of Leonardo da Vinci, had the habit of constantly talking to himself, when in fact, as he confided to his son, he was talking to sylphs. While he was resting on one occasion, seven people approached him. They had bright flaming robes and sandals, black hair, supernatural beauty, and were between thirty and forty years old. They talked about philosophy, the human soul, life and death on Earth, and when asked where they were from, they said that they were made of air and that they themselves were mortal, but that they could live for 300 years. Speaking of immortality, they stated that nothing survives which is inherent in individuality. They spent three hours talking about hidden treasure and other topics, but ultimately disagreed on the cause of the universe. The highest spirit said that God created the world from eternity, while another stated that God created it from moment to moment and that the world would disappear in a moment, if he stopped doing so.

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