Goethe and Faust

I have had this topic in my mind for a long time. Now it is ripe to share.

This is something which you cannot really think about as a real possibility if you are not a magician. No way you can tell it that this, what I am going to write about, is true or not, but something is telling me that it is true.

Goethe’s drama Faust is considered to be one of his best works. And not only this, but in the whole history of German literature.

No matter how great it is, it is worth mentioning that he was writing it for 57 years. Remarkably, he died in less than one year, after he had finished it. It was published only posthumously.

If you think about that, especially the subject of Faust he was writing about, it is, at least to me, quite possible that he was getting some clear signs from some otherworldly sources that he would die as soon as he finished this work.

If so, he would not be alone. It was also said that Moses decided to write in his old age his 13th book, because there was a saying that you cannot die if you write cabala.

Was Goethe cheating his death? Did he know exactly what he was doing? His drama Faust is great, no doubt about it, but did he really need 57 years to finish it?

OK, let’s move on to some other magical things, why I think this assumption of mine should not be rejected so easily.

The figure of Doctor Johannes Faust is famous, but the grimoires attributed to Faust are not well known outside of German-speaking countries. One of the most infamous grimoires which follows Faust’s tradition is “Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis”. Goethe knew about this grimoire. It had certainly inspired his own books about Faust.

“Magia Naturalis et Innaturalis” was much later reprinted in 1849 by the German publisher Johann Steel.

According to this grimoire, the magician’s task is to summon the demons and elemental spirits in order to make them sign the magician’s book, “Liber Spirituum”, which would make them become subject to his will. The magician also has the option to sign a pact with one of them, but there is also a spell for extracting the magician from a pact sworn in haste.

The magician was instructed to draw a three-tiered circle on linen for protection, with the Shem angels’ names written around the perimeter of the circle,

Attached is the picture of this circle.

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