Hadcu – The Earth Zone

he day of mysterious Hadcu

Today is the day of a very mysterious spirit Hadcu, so if you have got any information about him, it would be very precious.

Below is my experience with Hadcu. Strange one. If there was one at all.

H adcu is a very mysterious spirit. When I first started my evocations of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone, the choice for my first spirit to evoke just happened to be Hadcu.

At that time, I was practicing astral magic every night, so my petition to Hadcu was to assist me master O.B.E.s (Out of Body Experiences). As he declined to be evoked after several evocations, I used my astral projection to navigate to the place where I could possibly find him, but it was to no avail. Eventually, after my continuous failed attempts to meet Hadcu, I decided to evoke some other spirits like: Golema, Golemi, Faluna and Jugula. I also slowed down my exploration of the 360 spirits, and intensified my practices with Enochian magic instead. I have asked many spirits about Hadcu, but they have each given me different answers. Some of their replies were even contradictory. A few of them simply said that Hadcu “does not exist”. Others told me that he had left his office which has been vacant since that time. Several heads said that Hadcu had become too old, disappointed and is almost impossible to reach. I also heard one spirit telling me that Hadcu is “very, very old”. I still do not know what happened with Hadcu. I tend to think that he might have decided to merge with the Divine Light. Hadcu is maybe one of those few heads who will help you with your goals whether you evoke him or not. You could possibly gain extra-planetary powers a few years after you “failed” to evoke him. Hadcu’s mission is perhaps to inspire magical tasks which are practically impossible to achieve. Hadcu seems to be one of those heads who think that a magical journey towards a goal is more important than the goal itself. Due to Hadcu’s energy, you might be made to chase something which is impossible to catch, solve some imaginary problems and bother about things which do not even exist.

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