Hahadu – The Earth Zone, Water Magic

In the midst of the heat of Aries, the twentieth day marks a moment of cooling off with Hahadu’s water magic.

Hahadu is one of the most supportive heads and friendliest spirits whom I have met in the Earth Zone. The first time I saw him he told me that I was his old friend that he had not seen for ages. His form is human and he looks like a 40 year old man. He also often wears a laurel wreath upon his head.

Dedicate 19° Aries to Hahadu. Do something nice to people you like. Contact your relatives and ask them how they are doing and if they need some help from you. Meditate by the water and practice the water exercises from Bardon’s “Initiation into Hermetics.” Evoke a beautiful undine with Hahadu’s help and write about your water magic in your magical diary.

Many of Hahadu’s marvellous subordinate spirits are psychopomps, so if you happen to be with them during your journey through the Underworld, try to relax and enjoy and have a nice time with them. They are friendly, wise and playful spirits! Most of them live in underground waterways, subterranean channels, rivers and caves. They like to spend their time there together with their head. If they happened to be on the ground, you may still find them close to the beach. The last time I talked to Hahadu, he spoke to me about the Moon, while his subordinate spirits were carefully listening to him speak. We were standing by a lake in an oasis beneath the moonlight on a sandy road below the sky which shone with bright silvery light.

Daphne, a daughter of the Peneus River and Ismene, a daughter of the Aesopus River, were known as “naiads” by the ancient Greeks, but all other rivers in the world have their own daughters too. Hahadu can help you evoke spirits from any rivers in the world and from any smaller watery places too, such as from: waterfalls, brooks, fountains, springs, and swimming pools.

Hahadu may bring the magician close to some of the most beautiful undines from the Earth Zone. They will become your friends if they happen to like you. They have the gift of prophecy, heal the sick and watch over flowers, flocks and fields. They are always young and beautiful because they are said to eat ambrosia. It is thought that they can live to more than 960 years old.

Magic with Hahadu can backfire because it is linked to the fields of both water and love magic.

Some Hahadu’s subordinate spirits indeed look like nymphs from this painting (- Edward John Poynter – Cave of the Storm Nymphs, 1903.) But who can tell what is going on in that painting?


Опис фотографије није доступан.

Прикажи у групи


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