Interview with Falcon Books Publishing – Nenad Djordevic Talerman

This is an interview that was conducted with Falcon Books Publishing which provides a wonderful background on Nenad’s Journey. Find the original interview here.

1. I wonder if you could share aspects of your magical background and how your experiences as a child shaped your path?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: When I was a very small child, I remember how my guardian angel told me that I would not be able to see him anymore, and when I started to cry, he told me that he would always be around me and that I would be able to see him once again but much later in my life. When I was about four years old, I had a dream about fairies and gnomes, and when I woke up, they somehow transferred directly from my dreamworld into the physical reality, so for a few minutes, I saw them dancing in my room in their physical forms. About the same age I was entirely shocked to realise that we all were going to die, and maybe my first spiritual quest started as an attempt to understand if there really was a life after death.

I had a very nice childhood. I lived next to the oldest and most beautiful park in Belgrade, my hometown. I spent most of my time there playing with friends, climbing trees and exploring ancient ruins and walls. We had our own magical trees which we adored. I strongly felt at that time that some secret paths did connect our world with other realities and that we could find actual portals hidden somewhere in the park. Those ideas were spontaneous. We had not heard about such things from anybody else nor read about similar things in any book. We were maybe 7 or 8 years old. Later I understood that we had been actually worshipping nature and performing some kind of magic there as kids without knowing it or consciously wanted it.

2. Were there any other influences in your life outside of Bardon’s work that helped to guide you along your spiritual path?

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman: The most influences have come from my family members – parents, sister, wife, sons; and closest relatives and friends. In my primary school, I was happy to have a very interesting biology teacher (whose family name happened to be the same as mine) whose lectures about biology were actually fascinating stories about the universe, lost civilisations, secrets of nature and all kinds of mysteries and magic. When I was 14 years old I happened to buy a book about astral projection. It was in 1984. Such books were rare at that time. I was shocked to realise that astral projection was a real possibility for some people. There were a lot of instructions in that book about how to achieve astral projection and for two years I was practicing very stubbornly almost every night and finally achieved my first conscious astral projection when I was 17. This book was surely one of the most influential in my life. Regrettably, I lost it. I even forgot the name of the author and the title. I have been trying to find this book on the internet, but up to now to no avail.

In next 10 years after my first conscious astral projection, I had a lot of out of body experiences and saw a lot of spirits and different planes of existence. The problem was that I was very confused about those regions which I was visiting. I was not sure what they were about and had a little understanding of their nature and inhabitants. Different spiritual guides helped me a lot to gain some better understanding of it, but I was also very lucky to find my human teacher – Tom deLiso, whose instructions and words of wisdom were very precious to me. He did his best to encourage my exploration of the Tree of Life and 30 aethyrs of Enochian magic. Thanks to Tom deLiso and his instructions I managed to visit all sephirot in the Tree of Life where I was also blessed to meet archangels Sandalphon, Michael, Gabriel, Uriel, Raphael, Metatron and some other great teachers and masters.

3. Falcon Books: When did you discover Franz Bardon’s writings and how did this change your practice?

Nenad DjordjevicTalerman: I do not exactly recall the date, but I guess it was around 2002, when I came to live in China, about the same time when I was taking a more serious interest in tarot, yi jing, teachings of old Christian gnostic schools and tantra. Some of my favourite authors from that time were also Omraam Mikhaël Aïvanhov, a great Christian mystic and gnostic and Robert Svoboda, who wrote a fascinating trilogy about aghori and the life and teaching of his teacher Vimalananda.

I started reading Corpus Hermeticum and got fascinated about hermetic tradition too. My studies of hermeticism, lead me finally to Franz Bardon. I was at once attracted to him a lot. I found it amazing how vast and detailed his knowledge was. I found his books very intelligently and spiritually written. I liked his personality too. Beyond all, he was a very good man. I think that mostly due to his influences, as good as all Bardonian magicians I came in contact with are really good people too. I had achieved my first conscious astral projection some 15 years before I discovered Bardon’s books, but Franz Bardon changed my practices in many different ways.

First of all, Franz Bardon’s second book changed my perspective about evocations. I realised that even if I made progress in my out of body experiences, I had absolutely no idea how to make an evocation. I might have seen some different realities in my out of body experiences, but I was never able to consciously evoke spirits into our world’s reality. Thanks to Bardon, I have become interested in ceremonial magic. In one field, such as OBE, I felt advanced, but in other fields, such as evocation, I felt like a neophyte.

4. Falcon Books: Franz Bardon states,

“To reach this maturity a certain pre-training is absolutely necessary. The reader will, therefore, find it natural that he must be fully conversant with the first tarot-card, at least up to Step 8, if he wants to have further positive success in his practice of higher magic.”

-The Magical Practice of Evocation

How important do you feel this statements is?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: Step 8 is about separation of mental body from astral body, mental travelling throughout the universe, controlling the elements, influencing from the elements, preparation of fluid condensors and preparation of magical mirror. The magician who is able to achieve all of those things is undoubtedly very advanced. All previous 7 steps have helped the magician come up to that level, often after a long and hard work. But once you get to that point, you will then also have it much easier to evoke and communicate with spirits and travel wherever you want around the universe. When you astral or mental travel to different realities, you are a guest, but when you evoke to our physical reality, spirits are your guests. Step 8 helps you become a better host and guest. The magician who is about to master step 8 is also about to master both evocations and out of body experience (including astral and mental projection). The communication with spirits will be much easier from that point on, which all is much more explained in Bardon’s second book about magical evocations. I often practiced according to Bardon’s instructions. And once you master one step, it does not mean you would never come back to it again. I always come back to Bardon’s steps, especially to the step 1. Nevertheless, before I discovered Bardon, I had been lucky to master astral and mental projections by my own efforts and later with the help of Tom deLiso. My point is that the magician can also come to the step 8, by following some other teachings and traditions.

You do not necessarily need to follow Bardon to reach Bardon’s level of step 8. There are many different ways to come to the level 8. Franz Bardon gave only one example, but it is the golden example. I also noticed that many people take years to master some of the Bardon’s first steps. If they happened not to be able to move forward for years, maybe they could then take inspirations from some other books and teachers and later come back to Bardon again. If you have studied some magical traditions for 30 years and discover Bardon for the first time when you are, let’s say, 60 years old, I think that there is no reason that you should start your magical studies from the very beginning in order to reach the step 8, when you have actually already reached the level 8 by following some other traditions.

5. Falcon Books: I wonder if you could tell us about the inspiration behind your up and coming title, 360 Heads of the Earth Zone: The First Step to Divine Providence. What can we expect from this title?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: Let me quote Franz Bardon:

The size of this volume makes it impossible for me to give full details on each individual head; I can only publish a few words referring to the general facts of hermetic science…The description of many a head whose range of competence is very great would fill not just one volume, but a good number of volumes.

The first time I was reading Franz Bardon I felt sorry that he omitted to write more details about the 360 heads of the Earth Zone and other spirits, but it also looked to me that with such remarks, he invited future magicians to continue his work. So, I felt a call to try to continue his work the best I could. So far I know, since Bardon’s time, only three people focused their spiritual practices on the 360 heads of the Earth Zone: Emil Stejnar, William Mistele and Cynthia Schlosser. I would like to take this opportunity to give them my gratitude and acknowledgements. Nowadays, more people are interested in this subject. There are several nice FB groups about Bardon’s magic with a lot of interesting members.

I first started to evoke spirits from Bardon’s book in 2006. In the next few years, I did my evocations sporadically and unsystematically. But in 2013 I decided to evoke all of them. I started my online journal on Friday, April 26, 2013, on Studio Arcanis, a magical forum, with the following sentences: “Well, I know their names, I know their sigils, I have seen and talked to some of them…But I am still not satisfied with my results. I want to see who they really are… So, I will dedicate my next year to working with the 360 heads of the Zone girdling the Earth… Since there are 360 heads, but 365 days in one year, I will more or less dedicate one day to each head of the Zone…”

My diary about evoking the 360 heads can still be read on-line, (However, you need to be a member of Studio Arcanis in order to read it).

This book about 360 heads of the Earth Zone includes some parts of this diary but also all of my previous and later evocations. It has taken me four years to write this book. During this time, I have evoked each of those 360 spirits at least two more times, if for non other reasons, then just to confirm if what I was writing about them was true.

In my description each head of the Earth Zone contains the following elements: sigil; alternative name which were used by Abramalin the Mage and Quintscher; Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration; dominant colour in space impregnation; number and colour of candles; the triangle arrangement; offerings; additional suggestions about evocation; similar spirits; appearance of the spirit; the spirit’s teachings and instructions; my own experiences; the spirits’ region; subordinate spirits; and possible problems and side-effects.

The second part of the title is The First Step to Divine Providence. There are ten main steps to Divine Providence, and the first step is the Earth Zone. The second step is the Moon, the third step – Mercury, the fourth – Venus and so on. The last step is Kether.

My life aspiration is to write ten books about 10 steps to Divine Providence, but Divine Providence will also decide whether this will happen or not, because it is a huge task. I have almost finished two books about the Moon Zone and Mercury Zone and I have gathered a lot of materials about the Venus Zone too. But I am not doing this work alone any more. It is too much for one person to handle, so I am writing these books together with some other magicians.

6.Falcon Books: Firstly, for the passive reader without the experience of IIH can we clarify that these beings you are talking about in your forthcoming book are all beings existing outside of the mind of the practitioner. So these are not psychological these real beings like you and me but with a very different role, is that true to say?

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman: Those beings exist outside of our own mind. If you have any doubt about that, when you meet them, just watch them objectively and let them talk. In such situations, they will then most probably say some things which you’d never say by yourself just to show you that they are a separate entity from you. Those genii are extremely knowledgeable. They somehow know all that has been written by human beings, so what they talk about cannot be found in any of our books. For this reason, it is good to be well informed when you meet them. The smarter question you ask them, they would appreciate you more. There is no reason for them to explain to people some basic things which they can, for example, find in books or online. When you are in their own dimension, when you touch them, you can also feel that they are real. Astral body is quite solid when it is in the astral realm. It is obvious that they are not a part of our own mind when we see them.

7.Falcon Books: With regards to Bardon’s second title The Magical Practice of Evocation, have you found that you have been drawn to work with Earth Girdling Zone (EGZ) Spirits more than others?

Nenad DjordjevicTalerman: The 360 heads of EGZ were the first group of spirits from Bardon’s book which I explored systematically, but I have been also fascinated by working with spirits from all other planetary zones. The spirits of the Moon Zone are very mystical. The Mercurial spirits are extremely intelligent. The Venusians are pure souls and additionally very beautiful. The Martial spirits can be great protectors. We live on the Earth, so it is important not to neglect the 360 heads of EGZ even when we work with spirits from other planetary spheres. Nobody knows better our planet than the 360 heads of EGZ, and they are willing to share their knowledge with us. They also want to help us properly understand our planet and our role in it, as long as we live here.

8. Falcon Books: How has working with these beings assisted you in your daily life on practical level?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: I started my systematical work with the 360 heads at the time when I decided to start something new in my life. First of all they helped me overcome my personal “dark night of the soul” a crisis which came as a reflexion of my crossing the Abyss. I was a successful diplomat but due to some personal reasons, I decided to leave the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and become a freelancer. It was a difficult decision. The 360 heads of the Earth Zone have been helping me in my aspiration to be a free man. They have helped me achieve financial stability. They are helping my family. Since I live in a foreign country, they assist me with local deities as well as with local communities and administration. Their influences are unmistakable.

Let me give you some examples. Kolani is an expert of occult dancing. I evoked Kolani for the first time in Shanghai in June 2013. At that time, I had no idea that I would just one month later make an unplanned trip to Konya (Turkey) where I also had the opportunity to visit Rumi’s mausoleum, an old spiritual centre of Sufi’s dancing. Pafessa, Abbetira, Siria, Giria, Alagill, Yraganon, Capipa, Jrmoni, Lurchi, Iserag, Aspadit and Nasi are related to financial matters. Due to their influences, I spent my first year after the first evocation of those spirits living and working in: Indonesia, Thailand, Burma, Turkey, China, and the Philippines. My childhood dream was to become a rock singer, and some 35 years later, this is exactly what I have become totally unexpectedly after my first evocation of Riqita, a head who is a guardian of singers. I evoked Baalto, a guardian of caves and underwater tunnels, and soon after I happened to see some of the most beautiful caves in the world in Guilin (China). Among other things, I am also a teacher, so I have been assisted by Zagriona and some other spirits on daily basis. They also help me with writing. I have been healing some people with their help too. People now appreciate and like me for who I am, and not for my title and social or financial status, which is mostly due to their help. They also help me connect with nice people. They push me to work for peace in cooperation with some other magicians. They encourage me on my way to personal freedom. So far, not all of them were equally helpful, which is reasonable and normal. For instance, some of them are guardians of mathematicians, engineers and physicists. I am not good at those sciences and probably will never be, so I really do not expect to be assisted by them in those fields. But then again, who knows? Sometimes you need to wait for a while to be sure that you have observed their influences. If they all want to help at the same time, I’d achieve all my dreams in one day, which is absurd and most probably unsurvivable.

9. Falcon Books: When making the transition in IIH visiting the elemental realms and then moving onto investigation of the 360 heads how does this change one’s perspective on life?

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman: The 360 heads are teachers of 360 different faculties and 72 fields of magic. Their academies and temples are located in the Earth Zone. When people die, some of them will become their students. Among many other things, their students will learn there how to fly, become invisible, strive for peace, travel to other planets and help our humanity grow. One of the greatest things about the 360 heads is that we can be accepted as their students while we are still alive. So, they help and teach us, but they also need us and sometimes they also need our help. They help our physical reality through us. The physical world needs to be taken care of and cultivated by us humans. This is our main role on this planet. If we neglect that role, then the 360 heads of the Earth Zone will not care to help us. The elemental realms help us understand nature and our role in it. They inflame our souls with love to all living beings. They also make us become more balanced and better human beings. That is all very important because if we do not strive to become better people, the 360 heads of the Earth Zone will just ignore us. We will never become a part of their company.

10. Falcon Books: Does working with these beings not only aid with bringing knowledge into this world, also what are the effects upon the mental body of the magician?

Nenad Djordjevic – Telerman:  Once upon a time, they were directly helping humanity grow in culture and sciences, but the stories from the three Enoch’s books remind us that the concept of their direct involvement in human affairs dramatically failed when the humans misused and misunderstood their knowledge. Ever since that time, the great spirits have preferred to carry on the work of enlightenment through elected human beings. Franz Bardon used to say that some secrets are locked behind many locked doors for good reasons and can be revealed only to the mature magician. Scientific discoveries may anew lead to world catastrophe. The heads of the Earth Zone know exactly that there are some big problems with human nature and that we have a potential to destroy the world we live in, so it is no wonder they are reluctant to help.

Many spirits don’t want to have any contact with immature people at all. Franz Bardon mentioned that many spirits are ready to reveal their teachings only to the magician with high ethic standards. All spirits whose faculty is to inspire inventors to new technical inventions reject to help the magician in any way, unless s/he is truly mature enough to receive such knowledge. And they have every right to be reluctant with all of those scientific experiments which have ended up with atomic bombs, chemical weapons and destruction of nature. So, the future of this humanity is left to the adepts which is the conscious decision of the Mercurial spirits. The adept needs to find a way how to approach spirits using his or her knowledge in magic, alchemy and astrology.

If they find the magicians worthy, they will help them strengthen their mental bodies with incredible proportions, but they would expect them to keep the sacred teachings from corruption and to keep up with the good work of the ancients with the aim to rise humanity up from its barbarous features to cultural heights.

With the strong mental body, we can travel to the end of the Universe where we can also by our own eyes witness the rays of creation. They can help us expand our memory and intellectual capabilities, so that we could remember all of our previous incarnations and understand what is behind a person even if we meet them for the first time and what is in the book after the first read sentence. We will be also lucid all the time if we wish. The only problem will be from then on how to find a way for people to understand you. Helping people is very difficult.

11. Falcon Books: With regard to the heads of the EGZ they are often spoken of as the true teachers of humanity, In your experience is this the case and how great an influence do they have upon our development?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: I think that I already partly answered to that question, but let me add that if they like you then they can also teach you everything about anything which is related to our planet Earth. In their efforts to influence our development, the heads of the EGZ closely cooperate with the Mercurial spirits (Shem angels).

Most of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone have a great affinity towards Mercury, but they use the Earth as a platform from where they teach and help human beings. Cooperations between Shem angels and heads of the Earth Zone are very intensive. Many heads of the Earth Zone have Mercurial characters and can teach the magicians a lot about Mercury mysteries. As they are also familiar with the human habit to abuse knowledge when they have a chance to do so, they now only elect trustable individuals to represent Mercurial affairs and interests upon the Earth. Those lucky persons are or will become: hermetic masters, advanced magicians, extraordinary alchemists, and outstanding astrologers – in other words – the true children of Mercury.

12. Falcon Books: In your work with these beings do you always evoke or meet within the EGZ and what is the reason for this?

There are different levels of EGZ. During the evocation, the spirits come to our world reality as our guests, and during our out of body experiences, we go there to their astral and mental realms to be their guests. They sometimes follow us to Akasha. One and the same spirit after their appearance in our world’s reality may suggest to guide you to the realms where they live. I personally think that the mutual visits between you and a spirit you have evoked is a sign of the most successful evocation. In my own experience, the meetings with spirits are as real as anything else from our world’s reality when they happened in the astral region. When they come to our world’s reality during the evocation, they most often appear in their etheric forms. They are observable and you can communicate with them, but you need to be lucid and at least slightly influenced by their energy. But the evocation is always magical and if it is successful you will already find the best way of communication with the evoked spirit spontaneously. When they are in our world’s reality, most often they are in the etheric plane, which is the densest part of the astral region, which also means that we need to raise our conscious just a bit in order to see them properly. Some heads of the Earth Zone teach about other planets. So, it can also happen that they decide to guide us to Mercury, Venus, the Sun or other planetary spheres. For example, when I evoked Bekaro for the first time, I spent a few hours with him on Mars, which I did not expect at all because I thought he was to teach me about the fire element. Bekaro introduced me there to some Martial spirits. At the end I learned something there about the fire element but from Mars’ perspective.

13. Falcon Books: With regards to the preparation of the magic circle in evocation, Bardon offers a number of examples of how this can be performed. How best would you advise someone to prepare the magic circle for the first time?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: Franz Bardon required from us the perfect understanding of the magic circle, but was quite flexible about how we can use it. I can speak here only about my own personal experiences. If you evoke a spirit for the first time, draw a circle around you with a chalk. Write inside the circle related Divine names and archangels. The same names you write in the circle, you will also mention in your conjurations. In my book, I suggested related Divine names and names of archangels for each of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone. It is important to have them included within the circle, not so much because of protection, but more in order to attract their attention. We do not want to attract some random spirits during our evocations. If you invite your friend for a visit, you most probably would not like to be visited by an unknown person from the street who is also pretending to be your friend. Some spirits like to fake their identity for one reason or another. Besides the circle, it is very important to have the right sigil. In later evocations of the same spirit you will most probably not need to draw a physical circle on the floor around you any more, but you will always need to have the right sigil. The sigil is the ancient sign of recognition. The spirit might not hear your conjuration, but he will know that you want to see him once he observes his sigil by your side. And always do remember to light the candle, at least when you evoke inside.

14. How important do you feel understanding the symbology of the circle and triangle is in order to perform evocation successfully?

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman:  I think that Franz Bardon perfectly explained the meaning of the circle and triangle. And he also asks us to have perfect understanding of both in order to have successful evocations. Related to the triangle, some rules should be applied no matter if we have it visualised or physically drawn on the floor. The triangle is the place where the spirit is going to appear in your room as your guest, so try to make it large and comfortable. The heads of the Earth Zone are mighty spirits, so you cannot really expect them to feel nice if you arranged for them a few inches’ wide triangle. Probably, they will ignore you and think that you are disrespectful. If they still agreed to come, they would then for sure ignore your triangle altogether and sit somewhere else. In my book, I suggested special triangle arrangements and offerings for each of the 360 heads. As above-so below: try to treat your head the same way as you would treat your human friend. Offer them a chair to sit and at least a glass of water.

15. I wonder if you could share with us your first experience of performing magical evocation

  1. How did it differ from working with the elemental realms?Nenad Djordjevic Talerman: a.) Elementals are truly fantastic creatures. Their kings and queens are for example the best experts of their related elements. So, if you want to learn something basic about the water element, the best option would be then to ask some undine for help. Many of them are incredibly sensitive. I am often afraid that I might accidentally hurt them when I see them. One of them, a water spirit, told me that she was not happy. When I asked her why not, she said that she only had three marbles, while her girlfriend had more than ten. They can share many innocent stories like that. They are very playful and pure souls.

There are all possible kinds of salamanders. Some of the tiniest are attached to the candle flames. They are eager to act especially when the candles are used in the love magic rituals. Some fiery spirits are very mighty. Malacha can, for example, help the magician become a friend with a powerful royal family of fiery dragons. One of the most important fiery spirit is Aftif, a high priest of the Fire Temple, who has a very friendly attitude towards human beings and some human priests are under his supervision. Lurchi has a very joyful company of subordinate spirits who are representatives of the most carefree and pleasurable aspects of the fire element. They live in a very romantic region of the Earth Zone. Lurchi’s settlements are frequently visited by other spirits, not only because of their beauty. By mere walking through Lurchi’s fields, they would immediately regain additional sources of energy and vitality.

Eight important sylphs are mentioned by Franz Bardon: Parahim, Apilki, Erkeya, Dalep, Capisi, Drisophi, Glisi, and Cargoste. Franz Bardon acknowledged that he had not had much success with them, so he suggested evocations of the heads whose faculty was the air element instead. On the other hand, it is known that Paracelsus, Socrates, Psellos, Abbé de Villars, Benvenuto Cellini and some other people from the present and past managed to make friends with sylphs. For instance, Cellini wrote in his diary that his favourite art model was a very beautiful sylphide. When you see sylphs, try to relax and enjoy their quickness, intelligence and unpredictability. You will typically become first aware of them when you hear their silvery voices. Pay them respect, show friendly feelings to them and state what you would like to get from them. They can help you write poetry, teach you about other arts, give you the gift of prophecy and make you capable to look into minds of other people.

The magician can evoke gnome kings in the name of Adonai Ha-Aretz and Adonai Melek, Shemhamphorash angels Elemiah and Hahasiah and archangels Uriel and Sandalphon. You may also recite the Prayer of the Gnomes from Levi when you evoke a gnome king. You need to introduce yourself to gnome kings, build a relationship with them and spend time learning about their kingdoms before you go asking for favours. Gnome kings are often very melancholic. They don’t talk much, but they are very wise. Gnomes and dwarves under them are very close to us, they are truly earthy creatures. They can help you learn to take care of your finances and other material goods. King Ghob is probably the most famous gnome king. His supreme reagent on the angelic level is Phorlakh. A few gnome kings are also mentioned by Franz Bardon: Mentifil, Ordaphe, Orova, Idurah, Musar, Necas, Erami, and Andimo.

b. Did it meet your expectations?

Nenad Djordjevic Talerman: If you want to expand your understanding of the four elements, it is best then to cooperate with both elementals and related heads of the Earth Zone and other planetary spheres. Let me start with the fire magic.

The following heads of the Earth Zone are responsible for the fire magic:

1. Morech (1° Aries) – active, impulsive and extreme knowledge

2. Malacha (2° Aries) – the fire element on different planes

3. Kosem (1° Leo) – fire in the Earth Zone

4. Aluph (1°Scorpio) – fire on the physical plane of the Earth

5. Bekaro (22° Aries) – salamanders

6. Molabeda (2° Taurus) – secrets of nature and sex

7. Nudatoni (2° Cancer) – volcanoes and earthquakes

8. Serap (1° Taurus) – passion

9. Lurchi (4° Aries) – love and wealth

10. Galago (12° Taurus) – impregnation of aura

11. Tabbata (10° Leo) – Invulnerability, especially against the fire

There are a number of heads of the Earth Zone who are great teachers of water magic. They help the magician become: successful in love, become a great healer, have safe journeys on water, control the sea life and enjoy the company of the most marvellous water spirits.

The following heads of the Earth Zone are related to the water magic, their more precise faculties are as follows:

1. Elami (30° Sagittarius) – underground waters

2. Tabori (10° Aries) – secrets of the water element

3. Hahadu (20° Aries) – undines

4. Sapasani (30° Taurus) – sea salt

5. Hyris (19° Aries) – magic of water and undines

6. Hipogo (20° Virgo) – ships

7. Horasul (29° Scorpio) – water regulation

8. Calamos (29° Taurus) – sea life

9. Merki (28° Libra) – fishing

10. Seneol (30° Gemini) – water-sports

11. Dimurga (10° Sagittarius) – travel on water

12. Irmano (30° Scorpio) – controlling water animals

13. Anadi (28° Scorpio) – hydrotherapy

14. Calacha (30° Aries) – hydrotherapy

15. Megalogi (30° Libra) – medical springs

16. Andrachor (29° Leo) – magical water

17. Caraschi (10° Scorpio) – medical magnetism

The magician can learn a lot about the air magic from the following heads of the Earth Zone:

1. Kagaros (7° Leo) – mediatory principle of air

2. Pliroki (6° Cancer) – message through the air

3. Barnel (17° Aries) – love and music through the air element

4. Magelucha (18° Taurus) – mastering the air and water

5. Romasara (8° Leo) – pranayama

The following heads of the Earth Zone are related to the earth magic:

1. Nadele (24° Aries)

2. Baalto (25° Taurus)

3. Amia (18° Capricorn)

4. Kamual (19° Capricorn)

5. Yromus (25° Aries)

The heads of the Earth Zone are very friendly and they can teach the magicians all what they would like to know about: gnomes, finding lost things, crystals and precious stones, mining, and earth in ceremonial magic and alchemy. They inspire us to: laugh and have a good time; entertain our friends with great jokes, give away gifts; make some money; learn how to save and invest; take care of ecology; help gnomes in their hard work to preserve our planet; cultivate friendship with our crystals and stones and communicate with the suit of Pentacles in tarot. They are closely related to archangel Uriel, who is the guardian of the earth element and the master behind secrets of manipulating the matter, and who sometimes appears as a large beam of purple light.

15.  Falcon Books: Is there anything else you would like to add?

Nenad Djordjevic Telerman: The 360 heads cover many different fields of magic from the Earth Zone including: the four elemental forces, nature, stones, flora, fauna, agriculture, food, family, education, literature, love, sex, healing, music, sciences, religion, technology, inventions, art, weather, justice, virtues, alchemy, phenomenal magic, entertainment, wealth, karma, astral magic, mental magic, Akasha, Divine Providence, etc. Each field of magic consists of many different subjects. All in all, the heads of the Earth Zone can teach humans about 1500 different subjects altogether.

Some subjects are similar to the ones from our world’s reality, but others are quite different. The beauty of being a magician is that we can attend their schools, learn their subjects and pass their exams while we are still alive.

The heads of the Earth Zone do not hide information, but can sometimes give it under the seal of secrecy.

I hope that one day people will get to know them better. This world would become a much better place if there were more people willing to cooperate with them.

They will surely give you knowledge and skills, but they will also expect you to be a better human being and do your best to help humanity grow.

If I may suggest our readers something at the end. Be humble. Do not show off with your knowledge. They will help you find some amazing information about your origin. You may become a member of their family. Maybe you will realise that you are closely connected to Olympian gods, Cherubim angels or some other mighty groups of spirits. But even if that was the case, do not tell that to other people. It is your secret. Do not say that you are more special than other people. See yourself as an ordinary human being. Do not compare with others. You are no crystal parent nor indigo child. Be normal. If you do not cultivate normal human virtues, the heads of the Earth Zone won’t bother to meet you. They will just ignore you. And be careful with your new powers and learn how to control them!

At the end I would like to thank you Tanya for your great work of spreading knowledge and wisdom in the world.

Thank you, Nenad for this wonderful in-depth and insightful interview.

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