Kathim – Fruit – Earth Zone

243. Kathim (3° Sagittarius)

Abramelin the Mage: Karsin     

Quintscher: Kathum

Faculty: Fruits

Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration: Moot, Adonai Malek, Kahetel, Uriel and Sandalphon

Dominant colour of the space’s decoration: Any

Candles: 9 candles of any colour


–  A magic mirror, a crystal ball, pictures of nature and nature gods and goddesses and a chalice;

–  Pearls and favourite crystals;

–  A lot of different fruits. 

Offering: Fruits of any kind by your own choice

Similar spirits: Kathim is also closely related with the following guardians of nature: Arabim, Raschea, Parachmo, Manmes, Paguldez, Kaerlesa, Mahra, Gesegos and Basanola. Kathim has a very special relations with Kahetel, the eighth head of the Mercury Zone and the most important supervisor of the plant kingdom. 

Kathim is one of the most beautiful queens of the Earth Zone. She is a guardian of all fruits on our planet, but she seems to have some other faculties too, like helping people find lost things. She helped me find a white crystal which I had lost and then instructed me how to use it in order to hasten my ability to make contact with the spirits of nature. 

Each sort of fruit has its own king and queen and each fruit tree has its own guardian spirit. They teach about the most profound mysteries of nature, but also give practical instructions on how to make tasty juice, jams and fruit cakes. Kathim can encourage you to include more fruits into your diet. Whenever you see fruit ripening and blossoming, it is a sign of Kathim’s subordinate spirits’ activities are presence.

Magic with Kathim can hardly backfire, unless you happened to eat some poisonous fruit.

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