Philosophy on Venus

This is how Venus and Mars are like when they are together according to this famous artistic presentation, but let’s continue with Venus, as a means to heal our minds and souls.

Alam is one of the grestest philosophers from Venus. His assistants are just seemingly human-like. Their skin and uniforms are golden, but not of the gold we know of in our world. This gold is just a little more denser than the expression of aura. Many of them wear badges shaped as circles. They have many different tasks, raging from art, philosophy and healing.

Alam’s assistants are often the first one to welcome spirits from other planets, including Venus’ children from our world, when they get off an arrival station somewhere around Venus.

The capital of Alam’s region is The City Of Gold. You may see golden structures and buildings in your horizon and also notice how the city lake periodically changes its colour from blue-green to mercury color. If you grab some water, you would see that it indeed is mercury.

In a harbor stand boats that are magnificently built.

The Institution of Philosophy is one of the main buildings in the City of Gold. There you may see men playing chess and other social games, women laughing while doing their artworks or inventing some new devices, children shifting into different forms of themselves and identical twins suddenly merging into each other becoming one. Children are riding animal that look like T-Rex, though they are much smaller and nicer and gentler looking. Dogs have purple eyes, long upright ears and very long body. The air is so gentile that it opens your heart.

Venus’ philosophy is associated with wisdom and a search for knowledge, nearly the same as it is in our world’s reality. There are all of those categories of philosophy on Venus that we also have here on our Earth, but they are aware of the existence of philosophies from different planets, including our Earth, so they also have special universities dedicated to Earth philosophy, Solar philosophy, Saturnine philosophy, Mercurial philosophy, etc.

Many philosophers will continue their studies on the Earth Zone at relevant philosophy department headed by responsible heads. Philosophers who consider themselves being Venus’ children will naturally, after spending some time on the Earth Zone, continue to live and work on Venus. They will need to get that permission from relevant genii from the Saturn Zone as well as from different Venusian departments, run by Alam and a few other authorized Venus’ intelligence.

As a general rule, philosophers, after staying on the Earth for a while, will go to the planet which mostly resonates to their philosophy. Philosophers who would most probably find their future home on Venus follow those branches of philosophy:

  • Aesthetics – the nature of artbeauty, and taste, with the creation and appreciation of beauty.
  • Utopians – the visions of future ideal societies.
  • Hedonism – the pleasure as pursuit of mankind.
  • Epicureanism – the search for modest pleasures in order to attain a state of tranquility, freedom from fear and absence from bodily pain.
  • Metaphysics – The study of existence and the nature of reality.

Those are tendencies, because Venus does not close her doors to philosophers who incline towards other disciplines. Likewise, there are Venusian children among the philosophers to be found in all other planets too.

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