Sandalphon – I googled “Archangel Sandalphon” in 2008 and then again in 2016 and this is what I received:

15 Okt, 2008: 2650 results

28 Nov, 2016: 50,500 results

In 2008 very few people knew anything about Archangel Sandalphon. The situation in 2022 is better.

Sandalphon is one of the most remarkable

archangels because of many reasons, and let me mention a few:

– He makes possible the initiation into the Tree of Life.

– Most often, he is the first archangel to be seen in the Tree of Life.

– He presides over the Malkuth (the Earth Zone).

– He is one of the two archangels with human origin.

– He is certainly one of the masters of all of the spirits and angels of the Earth.

– He is one of the greatest protectors of human kind.

– He is quite humanlike / he often takes shape of Ilijah

– He has a great sense of humor.

– With his help, it is possible to communicate with other archangels as well, like: Gabriel, Michael, Raphael, Metatron, etc.

– He is helping a man in his spiritual endavour and makes his life be like art.

– He can be also helpful in enochian magick and tarot, but his main field is cabala.

– He is not to be mixed with Uriel, as this archangel is the master of the earth element.

– He has a special relation with another human archangel Metatron who is in Kether “As above, so below”.

– Wherever he goes, he brings the Earthly paradise with himself.

– Many children dream of him.

He is also described as being a member of the śārim (princes), and a Hazzan (master of heavenly music).

Sandalphon is also said to determine the sex of the embryo.

He brings prosperity, beauty, joy in life and gives wisdom to those who deserve it.

In the Greater Key of Solomon, Sandalphon is designated “the left-hand feminine cherub of the Ark of the Covenant”.

The American poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow wrote the song “Sandalfon” in 1858, in which he called Sandalfon an “angel of splendor” and an “angel of prayer.”

In the liturgy for Sukkot, he is credited with gathering the prayers of the faithful, making a garland of such prayers, and then “adjuring them to ascend as an orb to the supreme King of Kings”. This basically means that he accepts people’s prayers and forwards them to God. He makes a wreath of the prayers of the righteous and puts it around God’s neck.

In the Zohar he is “chief of the Seventh Heaven”.

Physical descriptions of Sandalphon vary. He is often depicted as extremely tall. During Moses’ visit to the Third Heaven, he is said to have glimpsed Sandalphon and called him the “tall angel”. He usually appears as a normal man – he sometimes wears sandals and hence, according to some theories, such a name. This is probably not the case, as it is more likely that his name may be related to the Hebrew sandek, godfather or from the Greek prefix sym-/syn-, meaning “together”, and adelphos, meaning “brother” – which would relate to his relations with Metatron. However, it is also very probable that he wears sandals sometimes just to make it easier for students to recognize him with the help of this very simple symbolic analogy – sandals – Sandalphon. No wonder then that he also ponts out sandalwood, how much he likes it.

According to Jewish tradition, Sandalpon himself was once a man, remembered as the prophet Elijah. He is considered today a great friend of human beings who are prone to spiritual development. His twin brother is the Archangel Metatron, who, according to Jewish tradition, was also a man – Enoch. There are also suggestions that Sandalphon might be another Elijah – Elijah the Artist, who is one of the founders of masonry. It was also observed that he is closely related to John the Baptist.

In cabala, Sandalphon is a governor of Malkuth. More precisely, Malkuth is governed in the following way:

– Assiah of Malkuth is ruled by people and elemental beings;

– Jetzirah of Malkuth is ruled by angels;

– Briah of Malkuth is ruled by archangel Sandalphon;

– Atzilath of Malkuth is ruled directly by God’s names.

He shows the adept way into the Tree of Life through Malkuth, while his brother Metatron shows where the exit is – in Kether. As both are of human origin, they make it easier for us humans to understand how to make our ways through this cosmic maze.

He never actually experienced physical death, as when he was Elijah, he was taken to the Heaven by the chariot of fire while still alive. The other one who did the same is Enoch, who became Metatron in the Heaven. They are not the only ones.

So, Sandalphon is also a part of Chariot of Fire mysteries. Those mysteries are about some people who had never experienced death, but were moved into heaven with their own living physical bodies instead, typically by the Chariot of Fire. Gregory the Theologian says that “Enoch was the first, Abraham 21st … and Jesus Christ 77th in number to exalt to heaven in human body.”

The Byzantine Emperor Basil firmly believed that he would also be carried away to heaven alive in the Chariot of Fire, like his patron Elijah had done, but nope, he was wrong.

As the ruler of the etheric plane of the Earth, he has an important role in events and in this physical plane of ours. Without his consent, there is no possibility of further advancement through the Tree of Life. Only after the initiation, conversations and meetings with Michael, Gabriel, Metatron, Raziel, Raphael and other archangels are possible, in an environment that is as realistic as our real physical reality in which we are currently.

In all his iterations, he personifies movements that transfer energy between the higher and lower spheres. Just because he is closest to us, we can call Sandalfon on any day of the week, when we need his help. Sandalphon is very personal and has more human-like appearance than other archangels because he works most directly with physical reality.

Sandalphon also stands at the crossroads of different worlds and as a psychomopop, helps the righteous to find their way to Heaven. Psychopomps are guides whose main duty is to guide the souls of the deceased. This term comes from the Greek words “pompos” (guide) and “psyche” (breath, life, spirit or mind). We find psychopomps in the myths of various peoples. Numerous psychopomps include: Anubis (Egyptian god who oversees the mummification process), Azrail (one of the leading Muslim archangels), Daena (higher self in Zoroastrianism), Freya (in Norse mythology), Yizo (a bodhisattva who helps children cross the Sai River), Agni (Vedic deity), Anguta (Inuit deity) and Veles (god of the ancient Slavs). Each of these major psychopomps also has helpers. These can be animals, such as dogs, birds or dolphins. They can be fairies and elves. There may be ascended masters among people who have finally left the physical plane of existence and are now living in some higher realms. This function can be temporarily performed by relatives and friends who welcome the newly deceased. Psychopomp helpers can also be some extraordinary living people. This is especially true of good shamans. Astral travelers, in a way, by their actions on Earth, are preparing for the future role of psychopomp assistants, which can be assigned to them once they leave the physical world, if they wish to.

Sandalphon has a distinct sense of humor. He loves to lead us through spirituality as through play. Meetings with him therefore always take place in an ambience reminiscent of a fairy tale. He likes to be in the company of children. Kids love to be with him. In their dreams, children most often identify him with a wizard, but then there is sometimes also a snow princess nearby. When children tell us that they had a fairy-tale dream, it could sometimes be a sign that they were with Sandalfon in his company.

You can try to go to see Sandalphon in his castle which is located according Tom deLiso just north of Malkuth.

And do not forget, to have access to the rest of the Tree of Life, you need to meet with Sandalphon and get his blessing.

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