Autumn – The Time of Scorpio and a time of Empathy

We are now in the midst of Autumn (written in Autumn) with Scorpio belonging to the Water element of the Zodiac. The first three days of Scorpio, governed by Aluph, Schaluah and Hasperim are the hottest and most fiery days of this sign. They stand for the last three days of the Yang dominance of each year. However, their powers will soon fade away, as water of Scorpio comes to full expression already on its fourth day, which is ruled by the family guardian Adae. 

Scorpio is a lot about empathy so the largest number of the most important healers from the Earth Zone are in fact grouped in this sign like: Armilee (infections), Caraschi (medical magnetism and prana treatment), Trasorim (solar medical treatments), Nagar (medicine derived from metals), Tedea (diagnosis and analysis), Semechle (holistic and natural medicine), Radina (cabalistic formula for curing) and Anadi (hydrotherapy). 

Scorpio reflects its very psychic and intuitive nature and strife for higher knowledge and transformation through: Ugefor (the enlightenment of the intellect), Ranar (spiritual knowledge and astral projection), Eralier (the philosopher’s stone), Nagar (alchemy) and Sipillipis (faith). Relevant to empathetic Scorpio’s nature is also Sarasi who protects those people who strive for their own ideas and a better world. Scorpio’s attachment to animals is expressed through: Helmis (mammals), Sagara (people and animals), Natolisa (bees) and Irmano (water creatures). 

During the time of Scorpio there will be a lot of times for all kinds of different entertainments, which is specifically emphasized by: Hipolopos (games for old and young), Butharusch (food) and Tagora (erotic love).

None of the Cancer spirits promise big wealth, but they do give financial solutions and grant practical help in all kinds of difficult situations: Schulego (imitation), Kofan (improving life conditions), Schaluach (the right remedy for every situation) and Hachamel (orientation and measurement).

As Autumn gets colder, the water element gets more exalted which is obvious by the very end of the two last days of Scorpio which are ruled by Horalus (water regulations) and Irmano (water creatures). Winter is unmistakably coming.

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