The Spirit of a Young Doctor

She had black hair, dark eyes, a blue medical cap with a red cross on her head. She was sitting in a van parked in front of the building where I lived at the time. Something drew me to get into her van. When she saw me, she immediately smiled at me and said: “You see how death is not that terrible after all”.

I asked her when she died. She replied that it was recently and that she had already received a new assignment as a general practitioner. That was now many years ago and I think it was also my first encounter with a spirit doctor.

What are the responsibilities of the spirits of the doctor, is a topic for another story, but in order to finish this one first, when she told me that death is not terrible, I was almost seized with discomfort when I had to somehow explain to her that I was still alive. She was surprised and laughed, asking me to remember that event and not to forget her.

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