Planets are living beings. As human being has a spirit and intelligence, so each planet has its highest spirit and its highest intelligence too.

There is one intelligence on Mercury who is above all other intelligence and its name is Tiriel. It is responsible for all benevolent influences of Mercury. Letters of its name can be lined up in the Magical Square of Mercury. Tiriel’s sigil is drawn to attract benevolent influences of Mercury. According to Agrippa they include: luck, wealth in any enterprise, success, preventing poverty, better memory, talent for divination and occult understanding of dreams.

Magic Square of Mercury has 8 vertical lines and 8 horizontal lines. They each consist of 8 numbers. The Magic Square of Mercury consists of all numbers from 1 to 64. The sum of each vertical, horizontal and diagonal line is 260.

The name of Mercurial intelligence Tiriel has a value of 260.

The color of Magic Square of Mercury is light blue for the numbers and orange-bronze for the background.

The seal of Mercury is also constructed from Magic Square of Mercury. Magic Square of Mercury helps a person to elevate his or her conscious to the level of Mercurial frequencies. This would help us reach Hod and communicate with Mercurial angels and other spirits of this planet.

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