Truth in Magic

The head Abusis is a guru and guardian of true spiritual knowledge. He can show you the spiritual truth which is immutable, has no obscuration and is beyond any distinctions of time and space. His subordinates spirits may always be at your disposal to teach you about the truths which you long to learn. They can also introduce you to a living guru if that is your wish.

Abusis will support you on your own spiritual path after the first successful evocation. He will help you recognise all truths and falsehoods easily. This spirit will also encourage you to become truthful to yourself and to others. After being together with Abusis for some time, you will simply not be able to be dishonest and lie any longer.

The magician looks for truth. The reason why he or she has become the magician is at least partly due to their efforts to distinguish truth from falsehood. We want to have clear true answers about this world, this life, as well as other worlds, and afterlife.

So, if you want to discover truth in any matter, you may ask Abusis for help, in the name of Al- Haqq, Alethea, Artoe, Emet, God of Truth, God of Truth and Iniquity, Usyon, Voice of Truth, Kušṭa, Logos of the Truth, and Spirit of the Truth, Amen.

Those all are Divine names related to truth. The old Gnostic knew well how much truth was important in their search. So significant it was that they called the fourth highest aeon Truth (Aletheia, Άλήθεια). It stood for the second highest female Divine energy, next after Silence (Siges). They were also inspired by Voice of Truth, one of their names of God mentioned in The Thought of Norea. They also called God Autogenes meaning The Self-Generated One, which, how the gnostic Gospel of the Egyptians, explains is the God of Truth, Praising and Singing.

Truth was important in other religions too. Al-Haqq is the 51st of 99 beautiful names of ALlah. In Mandaeism, Hayyi Rabbi is the supreme God from which all things emanate, and among some of his most important names is also Kušṭa which means true.

Truth has always been important in magical work. Aorte, as name of God, appears in Coptic Christian papyrus from around 600 C.E. and was designed to protect a pregnant woman from evil forces. Aorte signifies The God of Truth. The angel Raguel is attributed to Aorte.

Truth is also in Amen. This name has been generally adopted in Christian worship as a concluding word for prayers and hymns and an expression of strong agreement. It is derived from a root that signifies “truth.” Therefore, anyone saying Amen confirms that what has just been said is “true, trustworthy and reliable.” It is also used with the same meaning in Islam and Judaism.

The Amen referring to Jesus Christ, the Son of God appears in Revelation 3:14. Amen is also mentioned as a God’s name by Agrippa in his third book of Occult Philosophy and also in Barett’s The Magus. Agrippa explains that it is extracted from the verse: “the Lord, the faithful King.”

Amen is also the title for Kether, but in cabala there are other opinions as well. According to William Gray, the author of Magical Ritual Methods, Amen is the Primal Parent signifying Mother. It also appears as a name of God in conjuration of Lucifer in Praxis Magica Faustiana.

Truth is the 25th God’s name according to Slavic Miscellany for Travelers, it could be used in conjuration of Nith-Haiah.

A very important magical word for truth is Emet.

The word is composed of the first, middle, and last letters of the Hebrew Alphabet. Sometimes it is also written Aemeth, Emeth, Emmet or El Emet. It means Truth or God of Truth. It indicates that truth encompasses all things and endures from the beginning (א) to the end (ת). This word is essential in working with magical circles and creating Golem.

Sigillum Dei Emeth or Seal of the True and Living God is one of the most significant magical circles in history of magic. Liber Juratus instructed on how to make this circle from the 72 names of God. Emet also links it to the Seal of God. Liber Juratus inspired John Dee to create his own version of Sigillium Dei Emeth which supported the scrying stone which was used in Edward Kelly’s scrying sessions. Athanasius Kircher discussed about it in his book Oedipus Aegyptiacus (1652). Versions of Sigillium Dei Emeth also appeared in Latin manuscripts of the Key of Solomon, kept in the Bodlein Library, MS. Mich 276 and MS. Aubrey 24, fol. 60 r. Like John Dee, you can also make your own seal of God according to the instructions from Liber Juratus, keep it on your Shem altar and use it in your evocations of Shem angels. Sigilum Dei is also published in Crowley’s The Equinox.

Salomo Baal-Shem in his Qabbalistic Magic mentions that this name of God, which he calls El Emmet, should be mentioned in the cabalistic Great Seal and the Awesome Crown ritual in the prayer of the Great Seal, which is related to Kether. Salomo claims that this ritual is performed only when you need a high spiritual power to high spiritual aims, such as attaining divine wisdom. Accordingly, this ritual may bring you in contact with the Divine power invested in you. In this respect, Rabi Yishmael warns that everyone who preforms this ritual without speaking prayers over them will terminate his life.

Emet is also essential part of the magician’s creation of Golem, as by this name he reveals that his intention to copy God in creation of man is truthful. Emet must be written on the forehead of the Golem in order to give it life. If the first letter, Aleph, is erased, the rest of the word is Met, and that means “he is dead”. So the Golem becomes dust.

Furthermore, Emet is important in Psalm magic. In this regard, it is a special protector of truth. In The Book of Protection, where this name is written Eel Emmet, it is said that it related to man and Adam and that it helps with the 14th Psalm to find favour of all men and to be safe from slander and distrust. Salomo Baal-Shem spells it in his book Qabbalistic Magic El Emet. He tells that it guards the 14th Psalm, and that it serves against defamation and mistrust. It also helps you to know in which month certain thing will happen. As a guardian of the 36th Psalm, Emet serves against slander. In the 41st Psalm it helps if you are dismissed from your job.

Emet is also the God’s name when he revealed on the Mountain Sinai to Moses The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses. It also appears as a name of God in Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis and in in Barett’s The Magus.

Truth is also very important for Rosicrucians. Logos of the Truth is mentioned in several Rosicrucian rituals. The Rosicrucians also have special operation for asking a question to the Logos of Truth. By this, the Theugist seeks to know the Divine Will and his own position in it. During that ceremony, the New Testament is opened at a “random” page. The answer is indicated “randomly” by the index finger.

Last but not least, Usyon is also a special name of God that signifies truth. It appears in Oration 12 in Liber Juratus and also in Ars Notoria, which also gives it the alternate spelling which is Usyon. It is also mentioned in Book of Three Souls. This book tells that Usyon is “God of energy and full of all virtue, total mercy, and infinite truth”.

Weaponized with this knowledge, it is not surprising that the advanced magician can easily recognize the lie, and that it is almost impossible for him or her to be lied to or to lie.

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