Vehuiah from Mercury

1. Vehuiah

Vehuiah about Kether: “I will guide you to Kether. I hope you will feel it your home.”

Vehuiah about some of his subordinate spirits: “Fire runs in their veins.”

About Christ: “Christ is one great mystery to every single angel.”


Key Target: Fire Magic

Spiritual Hierarchy:

The Tree of Life according to Ambelain: Chokmah in Kether

Choir of Seraphim

Secondary angel: Chontare

Counter-genius: Rurarrel

Similar angel: Vehuiah and the 49th Shem angel Vehuiel have the same three letters name – VHU

Vehuiah’s People:

– Traditionally: Israel, Judah, Jews, 12 tribes of Israel, Cohen and Hebrews.

 Today: Ashkenazi Jews, Sephardic Jews and Israel.

Vehuiah’s Individuals:

– Very wise people

– Great magicians

– Gurus

– Extinguished artists

– Extinguished scientists

– State dignitaries and ministers

– High military officers

– Sport captains and coaches

– Chairmen and directors

– Monotheists

-Very powerful men

Situations to Ask Vehuiah for Help:

– Depression

– Weak will

– Diminished curiosity

– Lack of courage

– Lack of inspiration

– Big problems

– Great obstacles

– Solving the most difficult tasks

Names of God related to Vehuiah

Three letters name: והו – VHU

English epithet: Exalting God

Latin epithet: Deus Exaltator

Related to Psalm 3:3: God our Shield

Kircher and Bardon: IHVH

The 6th and 7th Books of Moses: Eschereye

Liber Juratus: H

Summa Sacre Magice: Theos

Slavic Miscellany for Travelers: Power


Dominant colours in the triangle: 5% orange, 5% blue, 90% red

Candles – 1 red

Magical link through crystals, stones and ores: Carnelian – Fire magic. It has also ability to heal other stones

Wood magic link: Laurel – Fire magic

Magical link through music:

– Hildegard von Bingen – The Fire of Creation

– Wagner – Magic Fire Music

– Falla – Ritual Fire Dance

– Jewish folk songs and dances

Best time for evocation

– 21-25 March (Aries 0-5) and also during the following five days: 2 January, 20 March, 31 April, 11 August and 22 October

– From midnight to 12:20 am.

Conjured with the Psalm 3:3: “But you, O Lord, are a shield around me, my glory, and the one who lifts up my head.” In Latin: “Tu autem Domine clipeus circa me gloria mea et exaltans caput meum.”

Appearance: Vehuiah often appears wearing a crown with the staff in his right hand, sometimes resembling either the Magician from Tarot of the Marseille deck, the Hierophant figure from other tarot cards, or even Jesus Christ. Vehuaih emerged to the magician Franz Buchmann-Naga in 1916/1917 as a foggy structure with “lovely but loud sound of a bell”, clothed with a gown as common in the Middle ages. This powerful angel also appeared to Franz Buchman-Naga with ball-lightnings, making the impression of “fiery eyes”.


1. Cabala Key: VHU is the three letters name of God for Vehuiah. In Hebrew it is והו. It should be pronounced like Vehava, though suggestions were also made to pronounce it as Vehu. This name also appears as VaHeyVa in Abulafia’s Book of Desire (1279), written for those who wants to pronounce the 72 letters. Its English epitaph is Exalting God. In Latin it is Deus Exaltator. Exalting God is also the epithet for the three letters names of God LAU. Vehuiah also forms two other related names of God – Vahu and Vehu. They are given to Moses. According to Sepher Raziel, when you mention Vahu, you will get what you ask from God. It is also mentioned in both The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses and Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras, where it is used to satisfied each requests. Sepher Raziel tells that Vehu is mentioned to destroy evil and all enchantments. This name was written in Moses’ wand when he made the brazen serpent and destroyed the golden calf. It is also mentioned in Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis, but there it should be named when you do “something wonderful” or are “in great need”.

2. Divine Key – Kether: You may hear from Vehuiah many untold stories about Kether, the Crown of the universe, in which all beings live in the perfect unity and harmony with each other. Kether is the first plane of Divine manifestation in the universe. We had come from Nothingness to Kether as sparks of Divine creation and have evolved after many incarnations into human beings here on the Earth. Vehuiah overviews the whole process of emanation and additionally supports individuals on their way back to Kether, once they feel an urge to return there. Vehuaih also explains number 1, which is the number of the unity, in which no separations, duality and polarities exist. In this number masculine and feminine potency are united and will arose and expand only in all later numbers. This holy angel also teaches about the initial power which creates all other numbers.

1. Mental – Astral Key – Mars: Vehuiah is a Mercurial spirit but he also has a great affinity to Mars. Therefore, he is also an excellent initiator into the Mars Zone mysteries. For example, he may teach the magician how to evoke spirits from Mars in a safe manner.

4. Mental – Astral Key – Hod: As the first Shem angel, Vehuiah is also the initiator and supervisor of Hod, the eight sephira on the Tree of Life. Hod is associated with Mercury, but it is much larger than what we spot as the planet of Mercury. Hod consists of four different spheres and the material plane of Mercury is just its small mundane chakra or point. Hod is situated left of the Middle Pillar on the Tree of Life. It is an intellectual brilliantine of the Tree of Life. Some Hermetists say that it forms together with Netzchah and Yesod the lower astral triad or astral triangle of the Tree of Life. Hod is a sphere of intellect, knowledge, communications, magic, trade, literature, science and travel. If the magician uses that knowledge properly, Hod will open up gates of new discoveries spontaneously and at right time. Hod is also the Absolute or Perfect Intelligence and it is also the sphere of Hermes and Hermetic tradition.

5. Mental – Astral Key – Mercury: Vehuiah is one of the main initiators into Mercury magic, so he also likes hosting magicians when they are on their visits to this planet. A human eye cannot spot living creatures on the Mercurial ground, because life emerges on Mercury starting from its astral region. Human conscious moves at the great speed to Mercury, but you can also chose to make a break during your journey in order to enjoy the scenery of cosmic architecture in its full wonder. Once your mind stops traveling, that will be a sign that you have already reached the Mercurial astral region. At that moment you would be already shaped in your Mercurial astral body and ready to take a walk around that planet.

6. Elemental Key – Fire magic: Vehuiah is the initiator and supervisor of the 1st magical field Fire magic. This great angel explains all secrets of fire magic related to: the fire element, electric volts, evocation of fire spirits, fire in alchemy, salamanders, fiery dragons, magical wands, fire symbols, fire in ceremonial magic, magical authority, success in all fields, will power, inspiration and courage. This thunderous angel fills people with energy and courage to start and finish anything they want. Sometimes it is difficult to get up from bed to go to work or to fulfill any other daily activities, but then you can ask Vehuiah to help you strengthen your energy, faith and will. Vehuiah will certainly push you into action, if you feel lazy or a bit depressed. You will be out fighting for your rights, either you want it or not. In the case of more severe depression, you will still need to ask for professional medical help. Study the fire element from the books written by old European, Persian, Indian and Chinese masters, or by reliable modern authors. Your inspiration might guide you to explore even such traditions you are not so much familiar with, because the fire tends to opens up the paths for something unusual and new. Use the fire in your magical ceremonies and rituals. Learn about fiery aspects in alchemy. Get knowledge about Court cards of fire in tarot. If you like the Bible, you may study: Book of Isaiah 6:1-8, Numbers 21:6–8, Deuteronomy 8:15, Book of Revelation IV – 4-8, Books of Enoch and stories about Ezekiel’s vision. Get familiar with the mystery of the mighty Seraphim order. Find a fireplace, wood stove, or just light a candle to enjoy fire in its hypnotizing beauty. Make your own magical wands through inspiration. Evoke a fire spirit. They instruct that everything is achievable – if that’s our wish – through the element of fire. After a while, you will be able to easily see and recognize salamanders around you in your daily life. They come along with the fire, usually emerging from the Earth Zone, but sometimes from other planetary spheres too. They are ready to show their fiery regions to mature magicians.

Vehuiah is the initiator and the supervisor of Fire magic, but great teachers of the fire magic among the Shem angels are also:

– Melahel – control of the fire element and being in good terms with its


– Seeiah – evocations of different fiery spirits.

Vehuiah also cooperates closely with the heads of the Earth Zone whose faculties are related to fire magic. All of those heads are very mighty, so consider to evoke them outside. They are:

– Morech (1° Aries) – active, impulsive and extreme knowledge

– Malacha (2° Aries) – the fire element on different planes

– Kosem (1° Leo) – fire in the Earth Zone

– Aluph (1°Scorpio) – fire on the physical plane of the Earth

– Bekaro (22° Aries) – salamanders

– Molabeda (2° Taurus) – secrets of nature and sex

– Nudatoni (2° Cancer) – volcanoes and earthquakes

– Serap (1° Taurus) – passion

– Lurchi (4° Aries) – love and wealth

– Galago (12° Taurus) – impregnation of aura

– Tabbata (10° Leo) – Invulnerability against fire.

7. Astral – Physical Key – Protection against malevolent spirits: Vehuiah efficiently protects against malevolent spirits. They usually do not come out from nowhere. We will fairly easily attract them, if we happened to share with them some similar interests, lifestyle and characters. We also often unwillingly give them the power over ourselves, and sometimes we do it even willingly. If a malevolent demon appears in front of you while you are invoking a Shem angel, it might often mean that he was near you anyway. Vehuiah can tell a lot of interesting stories about malevolent demons and other mischievous spirits from all around the world. He is especially helpful against annoying spirits from the Mars and Mercury zones.

8. Physical Key – Leadership: Vehuiah is a guardian of all genuine leadersHe may give you the spiritual authority and the power to rule and lead, so it is useful to seek his help if you aspire to be a leader. Let Vehuiah inspire your art, work and life. Communicate with him daily about your problems and doubts. Ask him for advice whenever you feel for it. He is a very busy angel, so he will possibly send you a muse for your everyday doubts and activities. If you observe daily progress in your life and work, it should be a clear sign of his direct or indirect presence.


Against Demonic Attack:

“In the name of IHVH, God our Shield, Eschereye and Teos, come quickly great Vehuiah to my aid because I am being attacked by malevolent spirits.”

Names of God in the context of this conjuration:

– IHVH (JHVH) – Quintscher tells that JHVH should be spoken in charms against disease, exorcism, against curses, and in misery and distress.

– God our Shield – This is the Divine guardian of the Psalm 33, which is protected by Vehuiah.

– Eschereye – Vehuiah is linked to Eschereye by The Sixth and Seventh Book of Moses. Joshua Stopford suggested in 1675 in Pagano Papismus that Eschereyeshould be spoken in exorcism of evil spirits.

– Theos, linked to Vehuiah by Ganell in his Summa Sacre Magice, has a long tradition for being useful in magical protection. The Enchiridion of Leo III lists it as one of the 72 sacred names of God affording protection from enemies and dangers by travelling by land and sea.

For Action:

In the name of IHVH, VHU, Deus Exaltator, God our Shield, Eschereye, H, Theos and Power, I ask you great Vehuiah to be my shield against diseases, curses, misery, distress, and dangers, to bring me power over evil spirits and enemies, to protect my travels wherever I go by land, air and sea, and to help me with my work and businesses.”

Names of God in the context of this conjuration:

– IHVH – It is generally accepted that IHVH is the most powerful God’s name. Book of Three Souls tells this is “a name over all names.”

– Escherhie – As a shorter version of Eheieh Asher Eheieh (I am who I am), Escerchie is regarded to be one of the most powerful names of God. By observing its exceptional might and extraordinary energy, the magicians used this name in evocations and ceremonial magic.

– Power – It is the 21st name of God in Ramon Llull’s poem “On God”. Llull tells that God is powerful for reason of being powerful. Different tradition also refers power to Sabaot, On or Dynamis.

For Kether Meditation:

“In the name of IHVH, H, and Theos, I ask you great Vehuiah to help me reach Kether with my mind, soul or in dreams.”

Names of God in the context of this meditation:

– IHVH: In his most Divine aspect, Vehuiah comes very close to IHVH, the

most powerful name of God. IHVH reveals itself through 72 Shemhaphorash angels. Those angels have the understanding and full knowledge of IHVH and they reveal its meaning to humans. Merkavah Rabba tells that IHVH is one of the 70 names written in God’s heart.

– Theos: According to Edition of The Sworn Book of Honorius, Theos should be recited if your request is for Divine vision and to meet God face to face.

– H: Merkavah Rabba instructs that H should be recited 23 times and tells that this is one of the 70 names written in God’s heart and one of the names from 70 or alternatively 72 letters written in God’s forehead. The new translation of the Sword of Moses from 2012 suggests that H is a part of 24 letters upon God’s crown.

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