What Happens to a Planet, Star or Moon, when it dies?

In the Western Occult tradition, each planet posses a spirit. The name of Venus’ spirit, according to Agrippa, responsible for the planet’s benevolent influences, is Kedemel.

When Venus die, what will happen to her spirit?

Will it live on? Is it immortal?

Well, if our human spirits are immortal, I cannot see why planetary spirits would not be immortal too?

So, I assume that Venus would die in her physical realm, but continue to exist in her astral and mental dimensions.

If that is the case, the question is how many spirits of dead planets and moons are there in our Solar system alone? And how do they influence other planets, including our lives on our planet?

I think this mystery is closely related to Daath. Something unseen, deep, and unknown. Not even touched. Not even considered as a possibility. Dead but still alive, somewhere in deep darkness.

I will continue with one of strange Venus’ mysteries.

Venus doesn’t have a moon. At least, not the physical one. But when you go there in your astral or mental body, it is clear that it does exist, albeit in its astral form.

However, the first sighting of one Venus’ moon, called Neith, after the Egyptian goddess of mystery was in 1650. It was again reportedly sighted by Giovanni Cassini in 1672 and by several other astronomers in following years. The object was seen by many other astronomers over a large period of time. Only in 1761 it was spotted eighteen times. Cassini originally observed Neith to be one-fourth the diameter of Venus. In 1761, Lagrange announced that Neith’s orbital plane was perpendicular to the ecliptic. It also appeared in the fiction of the time, where it was sometimes represented as a lackey or gigolo that rushed around and attended to the seductively beautiful Venus. Among those familiar with the Venus moon were the author Voltaire, the philosopher Immanuel Kant and the Prussian King Frederick the Great.

The Belgian Academy of Sciences published a paper in 1887 which studied each reported sighting of Neith. Ultimately, they determined that most of the sightings could be explained by stars which had been in the vicinity of Venus.

Although it had been observed many times by renowned astronomers, it is today classified as a ghost moon, a phantom. Mystery is unresolved. It is difficult to believe that scientists from that era would make so obvious a mistake. Which leaves us with the question, what did happen to Neith? Could it have just crashed into Venus? Triton is also spiraling inwards down into Neptune’s atmosphere, so it wouldn’t be that unusual.

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