Intention with this topic is to inspire people to become artists if they are inclined to arts.

Art is human imitation of Divine work. If you look at a human hand, there is no picture which can make it better and more beautiful than it already is in nature. The most fantastic paintings of the universe, landscapes, and people, as great as they can possibly be, cannot be of a match with the beauty of Divine creations.

The most wonderful symphonies are created by planets while they move around the universe and there is no human musical genius who can possibly be able to represent the Divine beauty of music of the spheres.

And yet we are doing arts the best we can stubbornly and with such a passion which really makes one think that it is one of the best things in human nature, so thanks to us, here upon the earth, Divine creations continue indirectly often through human art.

There are many spirits who can help artists. Nithael, for example, is teaching all arts in general and subordinates the work of all heads of the Earth Zone whose faculty is art. Nithael will show exactly how the magician’s art piece looks in the Akasha record in its most Divine beauty. After observing how their art piece looks like in its ideal forms, the magicians will now have no excuse but to their best to manifest it into this world’s reality.

Nithael and his subordinate spirits will help the artists in their efforts to make their art in their ideal forms. If the magicians make sculptures, they will see them in Akasha. If they are painters, they will see their paintings there to in their Divine beauty. If they are musicians, they will hear celestial original versions of their compositions. By following instructions from Nithael, the magician may become one of the best artists in this world. Nithael also helps the magician become famous and popular. He also removes obstacles which prevent the magician to become successful as an artists.

Here are other the most important examples:

Supervision of art circles: Aniel

Music: Jezalel and Jeialel

Music instruments: Hakamiah

Singing: Jeialel

Composing: Jeialel

Literature: Jezalel and Nithael

Heraldry: Leuviah

Painting: Jezebel

Dancing: Jezalel

Carving: Jezalel

Popularity: Iaiazel and Lauviah

Success, popularity and wealth in art: Vasariah

Helping with art: Aniel.

Masterpiece and art in its perfect form: Nithael and Mebahiah.

Decorative and applied arts: Mebahiah

Pottery: Mebahiah and Mizrael

Evoking dead artists: Mebahiah

Evoking dead writers: Daniel

Epic dramas, heroic sagas and mythology: Mehiel

Writing: Daniel and Nithael

Literary circles: Nithael

Occult writing: Nelekael

Journalism: Daniel.

Evoking dead writers: Daniel

Sculptures: Hariel

There are also many heads of the Earth Zone whose faculties are related to art such as:

Art in general: Moschel

Financial success in art: Alagill

Art as a profession: Aglagill and Tardoe

Art collectors: Alagill

Dramas and tragedies: Paruchu.

Films and actors: Asoreg and Corilon

Directors: Asoreg

Cartoons: Asoreg

Comics: Asoreg

Photography: Asoreg.

Sewing: Asoreg

Public performances: Corilon

Acting: Corilon

Beauty in art: Baroa

Methodology in writing: Nascela

Poetry: Pigios and Naga

Drama and tragedies: Paruchu

Fantastic stories: Rotor

Fairy tales and legends: Carubot

Occult writing: Jajaregi, Golema, Nimalon and Baja

Music: Arisalea

Singing: Riqita

Instrumental music: Soteri


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