Basanola from the Earth Zone

166. Basanola (16° Virgo)

Abramelin the Mage: Basamal

Quintscher: Basanpla

Faculty: Forestry

Divine and angelic names for the circle and conjuration:

Obra, Adonai Malek, Nanael, Sandalphon and Uriel

Dominant colour of the space’s decoration: Green and blue

Candles: 4 green and blue candles


– A magic mirror, a crystal ball, pictures of jungles, Hermetic symbols, books about plants and figures of fairies, dryads, nature gods and mysterious animals;

– Pearls, turquoise and other green stones and crystals;

– Primroses, begonias, tulips and oak leaves.

Offering: Fruit, vegetables and water

Similar spirits: Paguldez, Kaerlesa, Mahra and Gesegos are also extremely powerful guardians of nature.

Basanola is one of the mightiest proctors of forestry, agriculture and horticulture. She does not have a humanoid form. When the magician evokes her, she actually often appears as a big tree, though she may sometimes also accede to assume human form. She is a queen of nature, so has billions of spirits under her command. The crown of each tree is a home to many tree spirits. The ancient Greeks called them “dryads” while most other cultures gave them different names. Basanola can urge you to make a special rapport with trees, which will then introduce you to their own dryads. Basanola will also tell you which kind of tree has a special magical meaning too you. In my case, I was told by her that the one most closely connected with me is the pine-tree. After this I met dryads belonging to many different species of pine trees. Now I am able to spot them easily and they often appear to me in their physical forms.

Basanola can also teach you how to make a magical wand from your favourite tree, but as the general rule, you should also ask the tree for permission first. Ancient wise men could easily spot dryads, so they were reluctant to chop down trees, because they feared that the death of a tree would also lead to the death of its dryad. Basanola has many stories to tell about the trees of life which used to grow on our world and used to live forever, virtually, unless they were cut down. This spirit can also teach the magician how trees communicate with each other. A very old oak tree was once felled in a Serbian village to make a space for a main road, and in the next few hours, oaks from all over the world were mourning that tragic event.

If tree magic is your only specialism in magic, you would still be able to attain enlightenment with Basanola’s help. The following short descriptions of tree spirits will give you a general idea about just how much magic can be achieved with their help:

– Alder spirits are very strong and affords protection against malevolent spirits;

– Apple tree spirits are extremely beautiful and very good-natured. They also like to surprise the magician with unexpected gifts;

– Ash spirits look like hermaphrodites and many witches say they are their favourite spirits;

– Beech spirits are treated by many spirits like queens of the woods;

– Birch spirits look like young princesses, attired in snow white dresses, and they can clear your mind and help you to recall long since forgotten memories;

– Cherry tree spirits increase the things which are dear to you in your heart;

– Elderwood spirits are old looking, and they teach about ancient goddesses and their wisdom;

– Hazel spirits look like old sages or saints; they are very knowledgeable, so they can reveal many hidden secrets of the Earth;

– Hawthorn spirits are very magical and protective beings. This is confirmed by many legends and fables. They can offer you protection in case you are ever attacked by malevolent beings;

– Holly spirits are guardians to all true warriors;

– Mistletoe spirits like both the Sun and the Moon, and they protect children because they like them the most;

– Oak spirits are giant and mighty and can give you courage;

– Orange tree spirits bring purity and chastity;

– Pine spirits are melancholic; they are good for banishing all kinds of negativity and winning back confidence;

– Rowan spirits are protective and can banish malevolent forces. It was they that also taught the first wizards how to do the same thing;

– Willow spirits are melancholic, nostalgic, very wise, artistic and powerful, though they might be a bit annoyed at first before they get to know you better. They are best evoked at night;

– Yew spirits are mostly hermaphrodites. They facilitate communication between the dead and the living and also teach about witchcraft.

Contrary to Basanola’s wishes and expectations, something aberrant may also entice you to use arboreal magic for questionable purposes. A well-known example of this type of behaviour is in fairy-tales. Blackthorn spirits are fond of creating stumbling blocks for people and are troublesome. However, all other tree spirits have certain qualities which might produce side-effects if magicians wanted to abuse their powers.

Conjuration: In the name of Obra, Adonai Malek, Nanael, Sandalphon and Uriel, I ask you great Basanola to teach me about magic of forests and trees and all other known and unknown subjects from your university. I will remain your honest student. I will take care of nature. Amen.

Magical images, enchanting music and other magical links in your future evocations: The magical image of a spirit from the woods will facilitate your future evocations of Basanola. You will draw her attention with music and paintIngs celebrating trees. She will probably suggest some other magical links to her magic, most probably through a special tree or a magic wand.

Suggested further activities: Dedicate 16° Virgo to Basanola. Take extra good care of nature, cultivate your garden, plant a tree and refresh your flat with some new plants, have a walk in the forest and meditate outside. Do not forget to open up for good news. Evoke a spirit of nature with Basanola’s help and write about your experiences in your magical diary.

Suggested magical links to Basanola through music:

– Henry Russell – Woodman, Spare that Tree.

– Benjamin Britten – Sycamore Tree.

– Antonín Dvorák – From the Bohemian forest, Op. 68/B 133: no 5, Silent Woods.

Suggested magical links to Basanola through paintings:

– Paul Gauguin – Tree in the Farm Yard, 1874.

– Gustav Climt – Apple Tree, I, 1912.

– Theodore Rousseau – The Large Oak Tree, Forest of Fontainebleau, 1839.

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19Victoria, Gilberto и још 17

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