Guy de Maupassant

Guy de Maupassant

One year ago I read some stories written by this great author. Around the same time I also evoked Daniel, one angel, who among other things, can help people become outstanding writers.

So while I was reading stories written by Guy de Maupassant, I closed the book to take a break, when suddenly the author’s portrait on the front page of the book became alive. His third eye appeared in the front page.

It wandered around the front page and finally stopped moving when it reached the middle of the author’s forehead.

Guy de Maupassant was watching me with his three eyes and a friendly smile. His picture became so much alive that I could easily talk with him, while concentrating on his third eye.

I told Guy de Maupassant that I like his writing style and books very much. He thanked me and said that he truly appreciated my opinion.

Through angel Daniel, you may also establish contacts with many other writers who died long time ago.

After reading Ana Karenina, I had to go to Nikolay Tolstoy to personally tell him how much I appreciate his person and books. All what I can say is that Nikolay Tolstoy is an angel now. He will be ready to give support and inspiration in writing but only to the very serious and mature people.


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