Mercurial Line

People capable to understand and to be inspired by Hermes Trismegistus, no matter if they belong to cleric, scientific, art or financial circles, call themselves Hermes’ children. They call him “good father”.

Hermetic science is the language of birds and gods, joyful science, double science or joyful knowledge. Hermetists are usually modest. They would typically say that their discovery is just a tiny part of immense knowledge of the ancient sages. And also more often than not, they are not discovering anything new, but just recovering what was lost in the past.

Conventional knowledge is not of much help in understanding hermetic texts, drawings and symbols.

Once you get really fed up with religious dogma, new age nonsense and scientific rigidity, at that moment you somehow also naturally starts inclining to hermetism.

There is this hidden hermetic river – Mercurial line – which makes its path through rational scientific thought and irrational religious opinions. This Mercurial tiny but very powerful river always flows between two opposite and antagonistic mountains. And the hermetic masters are in a position to rediscover it every time, when facing with any antagonistic forces.

Where Hermes Trismegistus, a representative of the highest knowledge, the most brilliant intelligence and the most illuminated spirit, appears, religious tolerance comes to effect. Hermes Trismegistus opts for the middle way, Mercurial line, the one which should also hopefully be the future example for our mankind.


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