Today is a very special day, because it can get you to any direction you want to go with one of the 72 keys which are held by Sarsiee.

I say 72, because there are 72 fields of magic available for us humans to learn here on the Earth, according to 72 angels of Shem, or Mercurial genii. So, basically you get the initiation from Sarsiee in one of those special keys, open up the door and then you continue with one of the related Shem angels to explore what is out there. That angel can give you further suggestions what to do, and so on.

Each Shemhamphorash angel governs and supervises one specialist field of magic, and they number 72 in total. Sarsiee cooperates closely with all the 72 Shemhamphorash angels in order to help the magician become familiar with the 72 fields of magic. What these fields of magic are about precisely can be revealed by Sarsiee directly to the magician. For example they include: fire magic, water magic, earth magic, air magic, love magic, sexual magic, protection, finances, inventions, the natural sciences, phenomenal magic, Akasha, harmony and equilibrium, education, technology, natural medicine, animals, plants, special powers, astral magic, mental magic, planetary magic, wisdom, Divine justice, etc. Besides the 72 fields of magic, Sarsiee also teaches about the 360 main subjects of magic and instructs others about the 1,500 different tasks which may or may not be given to the magician by some or all of the 360 heads of the Earth Zone.

Let’s say, you want a key to be a successful microbiologist, because that is your profession.

Ask Sarsiee to give you the key. Microbiology is under one of those 72 keys, together with many similar subjects in one of those 72 categories. After receiving that key, you will have this opportunity to make something great with microbiology and even more than that, with some similar subjects which are within that respective category of magic.

Key is just a key. It opens up the door. And what is out there of what you have opened up, it is up to you to explore.

I am sure you already have got some of those keys already, so you might ask Sarsiee what to do with them and what they are good for if you are not sure about that.

Longer conjuration of Sarsiee includes all Shemhamphorash angels with related God’s names:

Vehuiah ~ YHVH, Jeliel ~ Aydi, Sitael ~ Schiha, Elemiah ~ Alla, Mahasiah ~ Toth, Lelahel ~ Abad, Achaiah ~ Dodo, Kahetel ~ Moot, Aziel ~ Agzi, Aladiah ~ Sipi, Leuviah ~ Deus, Hahaiah ~ Zeus, Jezalel ~ Boog, Mebahel ~ Dios, Hariel ~ Id, Hakamiah ~ Dieu. Lanoiah ~ Goth, Kaliel ~ Boog, Leuviah ~ Bogi, Pahaliah ~ Tios, Nelekael ~ Bueg, Jeiael ~ Good, Melahel ~ Dieh, Hahuiah ~ Esar, Nith-Haiah ~ Orsi, Haaiah ~ Agdi, Jerathel ~ Teos, Seeiah ~ Adad, Reiel ~ Zimi, Omael ~ Tusa, Lekabel ~ Teli, Vasariah ~ Anot, Jehuiah ~ Agad, Lehahiah ~ Aneb, Kevakiah ~ Anup, Menadel ~ Alla, Aniel ~ Abda, Haamiah ~ Agla, Rehael ~ Goot, Ieiazel ~ Goed, Hahahel ~ Gudi, Mikael ~ Biud, Veubiah ~ Solu, Ielahiah ~ Bosa, Sealiah ~ Hoba, Ariel ~ Piur, Asaliah ~ Kana, Mihael ~ Zaca, Vehuel ~ Mora, Daniel ~ Pola, Hahasiah ~ Bila, Imamiah ~ Abag, Nanael ~ Obra, Nitahel ~ Bora, Mebaiah ~ Alai, Poiel ~ Illi, Nemamiah ~ Popa, Jeialel ~ Para, Harahel ~ Ella, Mizrael ~ Gena, Umabel ~ Sila, Jah-Hel ~ Suna, Amianuel ~ Miri, Mehiel ~ Alli, Damabiah ~ Tara, Manakel ~ Pora, Eiaiel ~ Bogo, Habuiah ~ Deos, Rochel ~ Deos, Jabamiah ~ Aris, Haiel ~ Zeut and Mumiah ~ Kalo.

The attached painting is from the Siena Cathedral, as an evidence of time when official Christianity was close to recognize the pagan roots and Hermes Trismegistus as the third pillar of Western spirituality alongside with the Jewish and Christian heritage, but how this effort failed was evident in 1600 with the execution of Giordano Bruno.

Hermes Trismegistus is also showing a key here. After you open up a room with one key, there will be inside more doors to ope…/Hermes_mercurius…

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