This God’s name comes from the three-letter word Vehu (VHV). Its English epithet is The Exalting God and Latin is: Deus Exaltator. Vehu is God’s name of Shemhamphorash of Moses from Sepher Raziel. It belongs to the sixth of seven sets of Shemhamphoras. It serves to destroy evil and all enchantments. It is also the God’s name of Shemhamphorash of Moses in the seventh of seven sets of Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis, but there it should be named when you do “something wonderful” or are “in great need.

Vehuiah, as the first Shem angel and Vehuel, as the 49th Shem angel have the same three-letter name VHV. They are tend to be mixed up with each other. More often, Vehuel tends to be overlooked and neglected compared with Vehuiah, the Shem angel number 1.

Vehuiah often appears wearing a crown with the staff in his right hand, sometimes resembling either the Magician from Tarot of the Marseille deck, the Hierophant figure from other tarot cards, or even Jesus Christ. Vehuaih emerged to the magician Franz Buchmann-Naga in 1916/1917 as a foggy structure with “lovely but loud sound of a bell”, clothed with a gown as common in the Middle ages. This powerful angel also appeared to Franz Buchman-Naga with ball-lightnings, making the impression of “fiery eyes”.

Vehuel is one of the greatest cosmic guardians of art, beauty and all good things in life. He gives a beautiful appearance to witches, magicians and all other people he likes. He helps them create beautiful art, grants them a life in peace and security, and enables them to keep up with their magical work and studies undisturbed.

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