Adam in Magical and Mystical Tradition – Third Part

Adam, the beasts, and the letter L

In this painting, Adam is naming the beasts while in Eden, but sooner than he knew it, he had to encounter them for real after being banished from the paradise.

Aftar this, Adam and Eve first hid in a cave, where they cried incessantly and said:

“We are far from life.”

Thus, after their expulsion from Eden, they ended up in that cave. They were alive but far from life. Ironically and terribly.

They were hungry after the seventh day, but they could not find delicious food. What they found was more reminiscent of animal feed. With the set, they remembered how they “ate angel’s food” in Eden.

Besides, there were wild beasts threating them from every place.

They had to eat and survive beasts’ attacks.

However, God did not really let them down, as his goal was to teach them to require sufficient wisdom to come back to their lost paradise. For that reason, Adam became the first messenger of God.

The ‘Shemhamphorash of Adam’ comprises a set of seven Shemhamphorash delivered by Adam on seven different occasions when he was interacting with: God; angels; devils and the dead; beasts and spirits; plants (seeds and trees); elements and winds; all things and all work.

So, Adam was in one of those sets given Divine names that could help him and Eve against those wild beasts.

It is interesting that most of those names start with the letter L.

For example, Adam recievied that Lagumen should be called when he was about to bind or unbind all animals and spirits. This God’s name is also spelled Lagumene in Sepher Raziel. There it belongs to the fourth of the seven sets of Shemhamphoras, and should be conjured against beasts.

This God’s name is mentioned in the same set with three other similar God’s names – Lanagelagyn, Lanatozyn and Lanazirni. All those four God’s names are conjured against the beasts.

Related names of God are Lavagola, Lavagellayn, Lavatasorin and Lavaquiri. All of those names are given to Adam and are within the same group in The Sixth and Seventh Books of Moses and Semiphoras und Schemhamphoras Salomonis regis. Also, they all should be called to bind or unbind animals and spirits.

With those names of God starting with the letter L, Adam and Eve also probably started domesticated animals.

So, yes, there is probably no better formulae for taming animals than those words given to Adam starting with L.

If he was lucky with them, they are written somewhere there in the stars, and also here upon the earth, giving you this magical link, which could help you communicate with animals, and rescue you from a wild beast attack if you are unlucky to experience the one.

There are a lot of stories like this one, but they are mostly forgotten, a bit hidden. If they are not historically accurate, it does not mean that they are not accurate in some other realms.

And that is magic.

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