Allegory of the Cave, Plato and Politicians

Given that, in all probability, there is no politician today who has come out of the cave to tell us ordinary people how it is outside and how it should be in our country in accordance with what it is outside the cave, then there is no no reason to trust any politician.
Plato was one of the last philosophers who really tried to change something politically.
He tried to put a philosopher in the place of a politician. Because in his opinion, only a philosopher was able to get out of that cave.
But not an armchair philosopher. But a true philosopher, the one who lives according to his philosophy.

Plato just tried in some way to bring the philosopher who came out of the cave to the place of the politician…the idea is very simple…to bring the right man to the right place…so that we all can benefit from it…
He didn’t succeed in that.
But it wasn’t his fault. He tried his best to somehow explain.

How does it even occur to someone to rule if they have not come out of the cave, is the problem of the politicians in question.
But why support any politician in any way at all, without knowing that he has not come out of the cave, is absolutely our problem.

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