Amia and Amethyst

So, this article about amethyst, I have written with Amia’s help. And also with a help from my friend Irma Čamdžić Džinić.

Amia is one of the best teachers of stones and crystals in the Earth Zone. Amia can help you become allied to all kinds of stones and crystals, but he will expect you to be respectful towards them.

Amia can help you: strengthen and purify your body and mind; be joyful and elevate yourself from depression; strengthen your endocrine and immune systems; calm your nerves; refuse to be affected by negativity, anxiety and fears; overcome laziness; enhance your spiritual insight; increase longevity and fertility; and surpass base passions.

Amia’s subordinate spirits are guardians of all stones and crystals. They are easier to get in touch with compared to many other kinds of spirits since they have been all around humans since our first appearance in physical reality.

According to Amia, working with crystals and stones can enlighten people, even if this happens to be the only magic they do. This head can help the magician evoke the following spirits:

– Agate spirits help the magician strengthen his or her body and mind;

– Alexandrite spirits are responsible for spiritual transformation and regeneration;

– Amazonite spirits give joy and relieve depression;

– Amber spirits bring harmony to the body and spiritualise the intellect;

– Amethyst spirits strengthen the endocrine and immune system;

– Aquamarine spirits purify the mind and body and calm the nerves;

– Aventurine spirits reject negativity, anxiety and fears;

– Azurite spirits see through illusions and help in meditation;

– Beryl spirits provide protection and remedy laziness;

– Carnelian spirits heal other stone and crystal spirits;

– Citrine spirits give cheerfulness and hope;

– Diamond spirits strengthen the will and provide power;

– Emerald spirits enhance spiritual insight;

– Jade spirits increase longevity and fertility;

– Lapis Lazuli spirits lead towards inner wisdom;

– Malachite spirits reduce stress and enhance good sleep;

– Moonstone spirits relieve stress and help women when they give birth;

– Obsidian spirits protect and grant strength;

– Onyx spirits give information about any subject;

– Opal spirits enhance intuition;

– Pearls spirits enhance good judgment and promote mercy;

– Quartz spirits have many different faculties from enhancing meditation to expelling fear and jealousy;

– Ruby spirits help separate oneself from base passions;

– Sapphire spirits strengthen the will;

– Tiger’s Eye spirits rule over spirits who can help the magician to ground themself and focus;

– Tourmaline spirits protect and aid during sleep.

So, let’s get into Amethyst and its Main spirit.

Amethyst is a very sensitive stone, so it should be cleaned under warm water before and after use. Meditate next to it. Ask its main spirit to appear to you. It can appear in many forms. Like many other types of mineral spirits, you can see the Master Spirit of Amethyst in the course of its transformation. In this sense, it can, for example, appear as a yellow kitten that transforms into a lion, and the lion into a man. As a man he is strong. He has a large head and thick steel hair. His steel hair is a reflection of steel being an integral part of amethyst. You will also recognize him by his assistants as they usually carry around amethysts or other similar purple stones. If he does not appear in person, the Master Spirit of Amethyst will make his presence known to you through a bright purple light. A few days after invoking this spirit, it is possible that you will constantly have visions of purple, bright red and dark blue mandalas as if drawn on a carpet, only they are mobile, constantly circling and flowing into each other.

Amethysts constantly communicate with each other and with other stones. The frequency of amethyst is very high, so people cannot hear it, unless they connect with it during deep meditation. The sound of amethyst seems alien.

After the first successful invocation of its main spirit, amethyst will strongly influence your dreams, so that they are prophetic. What you dream under the influence of amethyst can happen in reality. In addition, the spirit of this crystal allows you easier access to other dimensions and parallel worlds. If you would like to find out what the landscape in which you live in one of the parallel dimensions looks like, this spirit will show it to you, usually through lucid dreams.

Amethyst is certainly one of the best conductors among crystals, firstly because it is very similar to rock crystal, the best mediator among crystals, and secondly because it also contains aluminum, which is considered the best conductor among all metals. Thanks to its strong mediating and conducting properties, the Spirit of Amethyst helps in communication with angels and strongly develops telepathy. It also promotes crystal clear memories. If you want to remember something, the images of the past will, with the help of this spirit, become clear to you as if they were color photographs.

The spirit of amethyst is a faithful friend, so keep this crystal near you in case of uncomfortable life situations, as well as when traveling. Even medieval European soldiers noted that it protected them from being wounded in battle and that it calmed their minds. If you are a soldier or an officer, carry this crystal with you. Its main spirit will certainly be an excellent guardian in your army, especially in turbulent situations. This is a stone of comfort. It makes it easier for us when we are sad.

If you want to get rid of a bad habit, you will have a great ally in the spirit of Amethyst. For example, if you want to quit smoking or give up alcohol, this spirit will find a way to help you. The name amethyst comes from the Greek word amethistos (αμεθυστος) – do not get drunk, since the ancient Greeks found that it protects against drunkenness. They made drinking glasses from amethyst, because they believed that they would not get drunk if they drank from them. Aristotle used amethyst in the fight against alcoholism. Later, to emphasize their own sobriety, bishops and other church dignitaries used to wear amethyst rings. It has also been noted that amethyst helps against aggression, headaches, hysteria, violent behavior, as well as diabetes.

Before magical work with this crystal, be sure to ground yourself well. This crystal is so sensitive that it needs special care, cleaning and storage. The spirit of amethyst is a great friend. Especially when you are sad, scared because of something, he will show you how faithful he is to you.

However, its excessive sensitivity and great practicability attract both positive and negative energy, and that is why it is very important to keep it on the altar, near the talisman, and in addition to regular cleaning, sprinkle it with holy water from time to time. The main spirit of amethyst will be very grateful to you for this. As the stones help us, we should also help them.

It is also an excellent mediator, so if two or more meditators meditate on this stone, they may inadvertently transmit thoughts, feelings, and even pain to each other. In this sense, it is very important that you, as a participant in the team meditation, clearly let the Spirit of Amethyst know that he does not spread the pain or some other negativity that you carry inside to others.

Amethyst does not spread negative things consciously, but since it is such a good mediator, negativities can definitely be transmitted through it without its knowledge. That is why it is very important to communicate with amethyst, tell it clearly what is wrong with you, and regularly cleanse it of all possible negative energies.

In the case when the guru wants to pass on his knowledge to his student, he does so, among other things, through amethyst. In the same way, amethyst serves the guru in particularly dangerous situations when, through self-sacrifice, he transfers to himself some serious negativity, flaws, and even illnesses of his student, in order spare his student from severe suffering.

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