Ancient of Days

This God’s name appears in Daniel 7:9, 7:13, 7:14 and 7:22. It is mentioned by Dionysius the Areopagite in his Divine Names. Dionysius explains that Ancient of Days is both Age and Time, and before and Age and Time. He is also represented as both old and young; the former signifying the ancient, and the latter that his never growing old. The Book of Enoch states that he who is called Son of Man who existed before the worlds was seen by Enoch in company with the Ancient of Days.

In Christianity, Ancient of Days can refer to Adam, Jesus, Holy Ghost or the Father. Orthodox Christians portrayed sometimes Jesus Christ as an old man, the Ancient of Days, to symbolize that he existed from all eternity. Latter-Day Saints identify him with Adam.

In cabala, it refers to the most primary source of creation in the divine will of Kether. Spepher Raziel calls it Atika Kadisha. In Kabbalah Unveiled, its Hebrew name is Authiq Iomin. In cabala, it sometimes appears the same as Eheieh.

The title Ancient of Days has been used as a source of inspiration in art and music, denoting the creator’s aspects of eternity combined with perfection. William Blake’s painting “The Ancient of Days” is one such example.

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