Apocalypse of Fire and Water

Fulcanelli in the book Alchemy Abodes (2) mentions that our Earth was covered by the flood in the previous cycle and thinks that in the last days it will be burned by the fire of the terrible judgment. Fulcanelli finds confirmation in the twentieth chapter of Revelation, which John closes with seals of fire and brimstone.

The average person has apocalyptic visions at least once in his life. Various apocalyptic predictions refer to a great fire, the fall of a comet, or a volcanic fire. In addition to visions of future apocalyptic events associated with fire, some people also gain insights into the apocalypse caused by the water element. These are usually visions of future large floods. But, sometimes, people also get visions of previous water apocalypses.

Those who accept the arguments of rationalism believe that Plato invented the story of Atlantis and that Moses’ flood was not real. If, on the other hand, they were given the opportunity to gain some insights from the antediluvian past, they might change their minds.

There is another version of the apocalypse, and it concerns the apocalypse of the air. Namely, according to a magical tradition, the guardians of the eastern winds have the task of controlling this air element which, if it were released from that side, would immediately devastate the whole world.

There are several other versions of apocalyptic versions. One of them concerns the Moon. Let’s say, if the Moon stopped moving by any chance or if it suddenly evaporated, at that very moment, all the liquid on planet Earth would freeze. The rivers would stop flowing, and the blood in our veins would freeze.

Be that as it may, one of the favorite subjects that angels and other spirits teach humanity is stories about the apocalypse. Unlike human beings, angels are more aware that the issue of the apocalypse is in God’s hands, so they avoid estimating when it will happen. Of course, it would never occur to them to talk about 2012 as the last year or to suggest any other dates. It seems that this job was previously left to religious fanatics, and today to new agers.

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