The name of angel Ariel comes from the three letters name of God – ARI. In Hebrew ARI is ערי . Its English epithet is Revealing God. In Latin it is Deus Revelator. 

Ariel is also a name of God. In the Coptic Pistis Sophia, Ariel rules over the lower world, and in Gnosticism he is sometimes associated with the creator god Ialdabaoth. Ariel appears as a name of God several times in Grimorium Verum andGrand Grimoire. In Thomas Heywood’s  Hierarchy of the Blessed Angels (1635) Ariel is called both Earth’s Great Lord and Prince Who Rules the Waters. The Enchiridion of Leo III lists it as one of the 72 sacred names of God affording protection from enemies and dangers by travelling by land and sea. This name is not to be spoken lightly, because of its power. For example, it is mentioned inGrand Clavicle in the context of making a pact with Lucifage. The Key of Solomon explains that it controls demons, and that by this name God will destroy in a single day all buildings, so that there shall not be left one stone upon another. There was also a legendary city Ariopolis, where allegedly the idol was worshipped.This name was also mentioned in Steganographia (Secret Writing), by Johannes Trithemius in 1500. Trithemius gives the instruction to write this name alongside with other words in the conjuration of Padiel. Trithemius informs that “When these words have been duly spoken, the Spirit sent forth will immediately appear, revealing to him perfectly, without anyone else perceiving, whatever you have committed to him to be revealed without guile and without any danger. He also warns: “But no one who is malicious and wicked will be able to work easily in this art, but when someone is better and purer, the Spirit is so much more willing and they obey him with greater cheerfulness.”

Much more often than God, Ariel has been understood as an angel. In magical texts, Ariel is sometimes described as a lion-headed angel. There are actually at least three different angels that have the same name:

– Ariel is the 46th Shem angel. He is the main bearer of the three letters name of God ARI。Many negative spirits are terrified by Ariel’s name. The magicians can ask Ariel for protection when they are attacked by malevolent spirits. A.Kircher wrote “Fons Vitae” (Source of Life) in his Shem diagram by Ariel’s related God’s name. This cosmic angel can teach the magician all about Divine structure of the Universe, including: Tree of Life, hermetic universe of Ogdoad and Ennead, 30 Gnostic Eons, 30 Aethyrs, etc. He also trains the magician how to use cabala in all the three planes. There is really no sphere in the universe in which the magician cannot enter, under the condition that Ariel and his subordinate spirits have granted their assistance.

– Ariel is mentioned in cabala as one of the most important Ashims and supervisors of the Earth together with: Azriel, Admael, Arkiel (Archas), Arciciah, Harabael (Aragael), Saragael, Yabbashael, Haldiel, Tebliel, Phorlakh, Raguel, and Samuil.

– Ariel is also one of the seven princes from the Sixth and Seventh Books of Mosesalongside with: Aziel, Marbuel, Mephistophiles, Barbuel, Aziabel, and Aniquel.

Image: Sigil of Ariel from E. Levi.

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