De Cyrano Bergerac and The Language of the Birds

OK, De Cyrano Bergerac (1619-1655) was famous for his long nose and great adventures, but it is less known that he, as a Hermetist, was also the master of the language of the birds. If you look at his face, he really does have some bird-like features in it.

Once Cyrano Bergerac saw a wonderful bird. It introduced itself as a phoenix and hermaphrodites.

Shortly afterwards, Bergerac was flying towards the Sun. Once the Sun welcomed him in, he saw a nude small man sitting on a stone. The two of them started talking. Bergerac never heard that language but understood it much faster than he would undersrand his native language. The small man told Bergerac that it was the language of the birds which had been spoken by Adam while he had been engaged with giving names to animals.

This is a language of nature and is understandable to all creatures that live in nature. The one who understands this language, will be also able to communicate with all animals.

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