Lunar Angels in Enochian Magic

There are 30 aethyrs. They generally don’t correspondent to the 10 sephirot on the Tree of Life, except for the last 3 (TEX, RII and BAG), which may be seen as analogous to Malkuth and Yesod.

So if you want to meet lunar angels and other kind of moon-like spirits, you can choose to go to BAG.

Many magical aids and correspondences may facilitate the magician’s contacts with the sphere of BAG: lunar seals, Monday, while cloths, silver, camphor, amber, white sandalwood, willow, rosemary, jasmine, olive, quartz, shells, moon stones, lunar amulets, lunar talismans, number 9, etc. The Enochian calls, from 14th to 44th, are used to open up the aethyrs. They have identical texts, with the exception for one word – the name of the aethyr in the first sentence. The Enochian call for BAG is:

“Madriaax ds praf BAG chis micaolz saanir caosgo, od fifis balzizras iaida! Nonca gohulim: micma adoian mad, iaod bliorb, soba ooaona chis luciftias piripsol; ds abraasa noncf netaaib caosgi, od tilb adphaht damploz…..”

Some Enochian magicians are fond of evoking Levanael since his name is written on Sigil Dei Aemeth, as one of the seven angels of Heptarchy (or the angels of seven celestial circles). They regard Levanael as the angel of the lunar celestial circle and some of them consider him to be the “first in secret knowledge.”

Carmara is also an important lunar angel whom Donald Tyson calls “King of the Kings of the Moon”.

Some other important Enochian lunar angels are:

Alndood, the third of the six seniors on the Watchtower of Fire;

Htnorda, the third of the six seniors on the Watchtower of Air;

Lavazrp, the third of the six seniors on the Watchtower of Water;

Lzinopo, the third of the six seniors on the Watchtower of Earth.

The Enochian magician Benjamin Row paid a special attention in his “A Book of the Seniors” to the lunar senior Lzinopo. She appeared to him in a long blue-purple dress. She had a crown on her head with a shape of the Waxing Moon. She looked like the English queen Elisabeth I. Lzinopo introduced herself as “Goddess Lzinopo, the senior on the Enochian Watchtower of Earth”. She also said that her name means: “The First who came from the Deep” or “The first in Lower Waters”. She explained to Row the lunar currents of the Earth saying that the combination of “lunar flexibility” and “earthly power and stability” gives “peace and silence”, which are the two basic virtues of the earth element.

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