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The old sages somehow knew quite well that the Moon was sometimes able to influence negatively a certain kind of people who were by the Romans called the lunatics.

The 18th century medical and judicial documents made a difference between the lunatics and other people with some other psychic disorders.

Even as late as until the 19th century, the lunatics were referred to the people who just periodically went trough certain psychic crises, while being normal the rest part of days, months or years.

The lunatics are not mentioned any more in modern medical and legal contexts as a special kind of category, which seems to be in the line with the modern scientific tendency to remove any mystical concepts out of its focus.

The magician, should, anyway, do his or her best to recognise a lunar source of negative influence upon peoples’ health and life.

It has been confirmed by the magicians since the ancient time that the name of Christ is indeed a very efficient way for removing bad influences from the Moon. In the Bible, there are several stories of Christ as a superb persecutor of evil spirits: all spirits on the sky, above the earth and within the earth bow to him and he chased away devils with his finger. He transferred his power to exorcise to his 12 apostles, then to each of his 72 students and finally to all people who believed in him. In his last speech, Jesus said that people who believed in him would be followed by many wonders, and one of them would be the knowledge to expel devils (Mk 16:17).

The Franch exorcist Father Tonquedec says: “A very few are possessed by Devil, but unfortunate spirits are in legions.” The direct possessions are very rare. Evil forces of the Moon act in different way, mostly through causing illness, inner suffering, discordance, fight, arguments, separations, divorce, end of friendships, psychosis and obsessions.

Banishing negative lunar influences can be done by Banishing Hexagram of the Moon. While drawing this hexagram it is advisable to focus on Shaddai El Chai, Alim (magical formula of Yesod) or Ararita.

Lunar amulets also banish bad lunar energies and Lunar talismans attract good Lunar influences. The Old Testament Book of Isaiah (3:18) condemns women who wore the lunar amulets. In practice, people continued to use them and even to put them around the necks of their animals for a long time. Agrippa says in “Occult Philosophy” (II, 22) that lunar stones could serve as the amulets or talismans depending of the goals which people were about to achieve. The same purpose has a silver ring too.

The most efficient lunar amulets and talismans are mentioned in the Greater Solomon Key and some other magical books.

Some of the most terrible negative results of the Moon are related to people’s urge to kill, destroy and torture. Some lunar bad spirits cause prisoners to suffer, while others destroy buildings, mines and even whole cities.

In some urgent situations, the magician should take the fastest possible solutions how to prevent them. If s/he is an expert of the 28 mansions of the Moon, they should immediately evoke their most favourite angel, the one they are sure about appearing at once after being evoked. If s/he is not an expert of the 28 mentions, they should evoke at once their favourite lunar spirits from their own traditions. That being said, in dangerous situations, it is always good to call for the name of Jesus Christ, Shaddai El Chai and archangel Gabriel. IHVH, ELOHIM and ADONAI are the other three names good to be used in difficult and extreme situations.

In urgent and dangerous situations, the pagans are supposed at once to evoke their own great lunar deities like Diana, Selena or Hecate. The Wikka says Hecate’s rage is furious and fast and that she destroys all of those maniacs who would dare to hurt her followers.

The magician should study from his or her own tradition the best way how to prevent bad influences of the Moon which may include: urge to commit suicide, apathy, lack of energy, and inability to manifest. Some of them are very evil as they spread epidemics and focus on children’s sufferings.

Learn how to deal with diseases caused by the Moon like: lunatic attacks, hysteria, menstrual problems, fluid disorders, delivery problems, stomachache or headache. For instance, Antaura, the Greek female demon of migraine gets out of the sea, moves like the wind, roar like a deer and enters into the body where she causes terrible sufferings. She is also the commander of many other demons of headaches. She is supposed to be stopped by evoking the goddess Artemis – that I don’t know. But the Olympic spirit Phul is also good at healing lunar effected diseases, and I think that I have experiences about that.

The Moon is a restless and eternal traveler on the sky. The Cabalists suggest travellers to wear the Third Pentacle of the Moon. Many Christian travellers use the icon of St. Nicolas, the protector of travellers and seamen. When the journey gets hazardous, one may also recite the verse from the Psalm 40:13. Many old gods were protectors of safe journeys and the magician should evoke them according to his own tradition.

Poverty is caused by many different influences. Some of them are lunar. Pagans, when they are in need, ask their respective gods for help. Diana is often asked for good luck. She is also evoked to help her followers find lost treasures.


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